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    Question about 'Whoa'

    Thanks for all the feedback! I have never bird hunted before nor owned a dog, so all of this is new to me. All advice is appreciated. (Adult onset Hunter)
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    Question about 'Whoa'

    What do you train at 5 months?
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    Question about 'Whoa'

    New to upland hunting, new to owning a dog, and new to training (implied). Ok, now that you have some context. I am working on teaching 'whoa' to my puppy (5 months old GSP), she will sit when I give her the command, so won't move and will hold very still until I give her the release command...
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    I am at a loss, who do I need to write to?! This is pushing me to make some calls and write some emails, I am a Utah resident and this is making me sick. Seeking some advice on how to format my emails...
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    Welcome! I was just in Edinburgh in the beginning of April, beautiful country. Next time I will have to meet up with you. Welcome to the forum, if you ever find yourself in Utah, don't hesitate to reach out.
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    Most comfortable bino harness?

    What size AGC would you recommend? Maven B2 9x45.
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    New Howa's

    Now I am intrigued...
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    Stock Painting Project Complete

    That is a handsome rifle!
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    Most comfortable bino harness?

    This was really helpful!
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    Most comfortable bino harness?

    I have the 9's
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    Most comfortable bino harness?

    I am 5'11", my optics are Maven b2's, looking for comfort and function in a bino harness. Not a fan of Kuiu, primarily looking at FHF, AGC, or marsupial. Looking for feedback thoughts in regards to comfort and function with these harnesses. the form in community here you guys...
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    Hello from the UK

    Welcome! I will be in Birmingham in April!
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    WE WON! Chaffetz is withdrawing HR 621

    Yes! I was just going to post this! Wahoo!
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    .50 or .54

    I am 12-14 years out from drawing a Bison tag... but yes I plan on using a muzzy for the hunt. I suppose I can always pick up a second when I draw... As for as style goes, I take the first ethical shot within my shooting range, I don't feel the need to get closer.