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    Wyoming Unit 16 HELP!!!!!

    you are kinda being one. Tons of guys, me included, draw tags based on a general idea of a hunt and then start figuring it out. It is not a shortcoming or a flaw. A lot of us put in for 30-40 tags per year in 3,5 or even 7 states. Which requires applying for tags that will have to be...
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    KHunter CO archery sheep hunt

    Well I was extremely lucky to pull an archery sheep tag here in Colo. Will try to write up some of the scouting and prep and the hunt. Hunt is not till the rut late in the year so lots of time to scout and seek ‘the ram’ and make plans for the hunt. Certainly a dream tag for me. Drew a...
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    This is what's wrong with hunting.

    The video comments are erased? Did not see any. Like how he say's he hit the first bull 'high in shoulder' when it was a horrible neck shot, not on shoulder at all that I could see.... Sorry I bothered to watch that jagwad.
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    What States Have You Hunted

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    E-plus review

    If they have slashed the number of LO tags and moved those tags to public draw it is a great thing.
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    5-Year Big Game Season Structure alternatives

    bump. take the survey!
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    Bino harness

    seems to stay shut. limited use so far glassing these sheep...
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    Worst Best Luck

    as your first time hunting antelope, are you seriously going to try to discern a good looking lope, from a big one, from a whopper? If not....just go and have fun, be patient and don't shoot first buck you see and enjoy learning about them and checking out differences among bucks. then choose...
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    Oh yes Wyoming

    same here
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    Bino harness

    so far it seems fine with EL eye cups out full length
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    CO draw results

    boo hoo. kidding. always a tightrope with so many states.
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    CO draw results

    No CC hit yet
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    haha. fat fingered two words. hard to type on a phone, for me anyway.
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    colorado draw results in time to apply in idaho?

    If you are jonesing to know then monitor pending authorizations on credit card for fastest notification. Emails are many hours behind credit card hits. I think the same for online account. take a look at the colo sheep/goat draw thread to see how it plays out. should be same for other species
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    Down To The Wire In California

    CA is a joke for a nonres to apply for....