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    Giving blood-hiking performance!

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    Giving blood-hiking performance!

    Hi, I give blood regularly, and I did so a few days before going out hunting. So I’m climbing the “mountain of death” (I hate it so but you go where the animals are) and 3/4 of the way up I’m just hitting a wall! Not the normal “this sucks why am I doing this” but just flat bonked and blah...
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    Idaho Hells Canyon archery 2022

    I LOVE this photo..It will bring you to “Religion” in short order. Nothing is as mentally debilitating as looking at your GPS and realizing camp is on the other side of that after busting your butt all day. Hells Canyon is no joke. You all spending more than 3 days chasing animals is...
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    Last minute Jitters

    Lol...not admitting which one of my friends did this...bring ammo-the correct ammo for your gun... Luckily I came into camp a day late and could pick some up before I left. 😁😂😂😂😂
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    Match grade barrels, Sako Versus Kimber

    Well, I do have the bigger power scopes on my Sako’s. Shoot the first shot, dial up the power and aim for that hole. If it’s good ammo, you might be surprised on the outcome. 😉
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    Match grade barrels, Sako Versus Kimber

    One of the things I learned from competition shooting is your rifle/shotgun should be fitted to you. (By someone who is qualified) Will do wonders for your accuracy.
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    Match grade barrels, Sako Versus Kimber

    I have to agree. I love the 14” lop on all my Sako’s. How you guys can shoot “short” rifles is beyond me... 😁
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    Match grade barrels, Sako Versus Kimber

    I have a soft spot for Sako’s myself. (I have a number of Sako’s with my fav being the finnlight 75 300 wsm) It’s a “choice” as modifications/changes are not as simple like other rifles (Tikka’s have all the aftermarket goodies available just like Remington’s) My Sako’s tend to be picky in...
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    Vortex Diamondback

    Brand new, never took out of the box. $175 shipped.
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    Mystery Ranch Metcalf

    Hi, Selling my Metcalf, bought it for a 5 day hunt that ended on day 2. (Truck broke). Never carried meat, minor stains on the inside of the belt, rest is clean. XL. $250 shipped
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    Mystery Ranch Metcalf backpack

    Guide light according to Mystery Ranch
  12. J

    Mystery Ranch Metcalf backpack

    For sale. Never carried any meat, light use, no tears or scratches-ready for fall. XL. 275 shipped. JP
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    The mysterious case of the missing 30/06 ammunition.

    Oh that’s the story. Those creedmoor folks are wildly outta control. Though I wouldn’t mind a 300 PRC. It just sounds so sexy.
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    The mysterious case of the missing 30/06 ammunition.

    Here...I just looked up 165 grain for 30-06. You can get less expensive as well...I just went for the “good stuff” It costs $10 for shipping but you get what you want. Or you can keep searching and praying that the rest of us with 30-06’s don’t buy the ammo before you get some. 😊
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    Carbon Tikka build *FINISHED*


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