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    First time making Brats.

    Here is a pic of a leftover one from the boil in beer method. Im not sure about how the bind is supposed to look like but i just mixed the seasoning with beer before I mixed it into the meat and I only ground it one time through the fine plate that my grinder came with.
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    First time making Brats.

    I have tried them both of those ways so far and enjoyed them both times.
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    First time making Brats.

    Thanks everyone. Its a Lem #8. It worked well. It has a special plate for stuffing. Im sure a stuffer would work a lot nicer but with the foot pedal it went pretty fast.
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    First time making Brats.

    I got a grinder for Christmas and I tried making some Whitetail Brats and I am very happy with how they came out. I used 25% pork fat with no pork meat and Lem ready mix bratwurst seasoning. They taste better than pork brats from the store.
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    Scope Base for Marlin 925M?

    I have a Marlin 925M .22mag that I want to put a scope on. I want to have a base and ring setup but I cant find the base that fits this rifle. Does anyone have any ideas?
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    Who else is running heavy/high FOC?

    Ive only shot one whitetail with my current set up so far and it did great. Im shooting a 50 lb compound with 28 inch draw. A 510 grain arrow, 400 spine. I think the FOC was right at 15%. I have 100 grain black hornet ser razors with 100 grain brass inserts. It does great out to 40 yards. I...
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    Buck Down

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    First Pronghorn

    Congrats. I was surprised by the smell as well.
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    WY Mule Deer

    Nice buck
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    Tips for a Disabled Hunter in WY

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    3 first timers day-by-day

    Good luck
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    2019 Wyoming adventure

    Looks like a great trip congrats.
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    Wyoming Mule Deer 2019

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    Opening Day Bull

    Can you tell me the bow setup? Like grain of arrows and draw weight. I am currently setting my bow up with a 50lb draw weight and just getting an idea on what works.