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    New guy

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    I want to buy a new rifle

    I am loving my new Tikka in .204 ruger.
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    More Fuel for the Hate on the Wilks Brothers

    I am interested to see how the access works out to the public land now blocked by the newly posted property.
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    2016 Idaho elk - pack goats chapter 2

    Good luck, I can't wait to see the pictures!
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    Colorado sheep

    Beautiful ram and an awesome story, thank you for taking us along!
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    Montana Bear Hunt, Spring 2016

    Very nice thread, thank you for sharing!
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    Hello from Idaho

    Hello back and good luck to you this year.
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    Cecil the lion part two...

    Wasn't there a VHS hunting tape years ago that had bear spear hunts on it?
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    Scout Camp Fishing

    Nice picture and looks like fun. I think I have been to that lake before.
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    2015 Muley on the Wall

    Beautiful buck and a nice wall to have.
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    Idaho Big 3

    Patience is so hard this time of year. Hoping that my wife will draw her moose tag this year.
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    The Lonesome Billy

    Congratulations on a great goat. Fantastic story and photos.
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    Sling or no sling??

    I use a sling most of the time, and also never have a round chambered until it time to kill something.
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    Lost a Great Friend

    Sorry for your loss.