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    Coyote rifle

    If you need a set of rcbs dies let me know I bought them on accident. What load are you using?
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    WTB Ruger 10/22

    Why would you pay double for a gun scheels in sparks has them for 299.
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    Extra Stupid Window Stickers

    Dog dad wtf? Must do any breeding of his own?
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    Old Military Photos from Hunttalkers

    My neighbor past a couple months ago Korea war vet shoveled his driveway every time it snowed. The first time he was in his late 70s and he caught me with a flat shovel gave me a snow shovel after that. He always offered me money but I said you already game this shovel. I’ll miss that guy always...
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    Bullet/cartridge choice

    I voted 168 but I like heavier bullets elk can take a punch and walk off.
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    Component Availability

    It’s out there it might take a while to get what you want but it’s out there. If in anyone in northern Nevada needs anything pm me.
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    Name changes

    Kinda like my email wish it was cooler but what the hell I chose it so I’m sticking with it. I never liked Tom Brady till after deflategate if a mans gona lie better stick with it.
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    Component Availability

    Midway has small mag primers for 100$
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    What Bino harness are you running

    Ya some day
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    My REAL Nevada Tag Results

    Nice I guess I’ll try and buy a tag points don’t mater.
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    Going to an actual rodeo. How does it work?

    Jb is one of the best athletes in sports to ride a bull opposite hand while your other is in a cast unbelievable. Ya mahomes threw a 15 yard pass opposite hand not even close.
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    Component Availability

    Hodgdon has varget available
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    Trade or sell Components.

    Hodgdon has varget available
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    JIF Recall

    Time to retire