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  1. J

    Arizona draw

    Good luck guys!
  2. J

    2015 Spring Black Bears

    Ill be back in the Selway tomorrow afternoon for 5 days.
  3. J


    I testified in the committee hearing here in Indiana to get them passed for hunting. One of the dumbest questions that I was asked was how would a landowner know if someone was poaching on their land. I pointed out how would he know if they were using a bow. It was a moot point anyway, at that...
  4. J

    Effectiveness of Calling Spring Bears in ID

    I have called two in that I have killed in the years past. I use a typical mouth varmint call that I use here in Indiana for coyotes.
  5. J

    Zeiss Diavari Z 3-12x56

    700.00 obo. Two pin head sized marks and one scratch on the bottom side as pointed out in the pics.
  6. J

    MK AR Leupold Scope Experiences??

    (I stole the pic from arms list) I had this one on my m16 with a 12" barrel . It was ok but not worth the 1200.00 price tag. Leupold Mark 4 CQ/T 1-3x14mm scope I wouldnt buy another, for that price I will buy another Acog with a RMR site on the top.
  7. J

    2015 Fitness Goals or Resolutions?

    2012 I went on a bear hunt in the selway. I weighed 214 and it just about killed me hiking in the wilderness. The next year I started running and MTN biking. By 2013 I was running 30 miles a week, mtn biking a few times a week and doing CrossFit 4 times a week and I was down to 168 and 6'2"...
  8. J

    Small Town Living??

    I went from living in a town of 870k to living just out side the city limits of a town with 1100 total people. I am still 30 miles from the big city. Far enough away that the bullshit that is there is not here, close enough for a nice dinner. Pros, the quality of people is much higher here...
  9. J


    would it be that hard to find a pic of you with just a pot covering your junk?:D
  10. J

    WY mule deer

    Private ranch 18k acres of sage and cows
  11. J

    CO DIY bull bear buck and lots of luck

    THanks for sharing.
  12. J

    WY mule deer

    None, I think that area is 100% success rate for tags and a few left over.
  13. J

    WY mule deer

    The Thompson Encore 280 Ackley that Dan had built for me several years ago. Is he still around?
  14. J

    We got Crabs.

    I bet your kids will remember that for a long time.

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