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    2016 Elk Hunt - Doubled up

    Great stuff!!
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    WY Elk: KHunter archery 2016

    Brilliant! Thank you for the journey.
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    Glo bugging lake Taupo NZ

    Bit of video Winter fly fishing from out on Lake Taupo this year, this style of fly fishing is nick-named "heave and leave" you will understand why whilst watching the video ;) My deer hunting dog also loves fishing!
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    Fin's Elk Hunting E-Guide

    Awsome stuff, can't wait to read it. :)
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    To Grip and Grin or not....lessons learned

    That is a great picture, it sure does invoke questions and too me more emotion. Intense stare, animal in focus and your face in focus but all is out of focus.
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    Deadheads - Let's see 'em

    Deadhead from NZ, found next to a wallow, Sika/Red hybrid, normal skull length for a Sika is 10" this one was 12" but had the typical Sika 8 point (4x4) configuration all be it with a bit more curve and heavy timber, very cool looking.
  7. Sika/Red hybrid found dead. Heavy timber and cool shape.

    Sika/Red hybrid found dead. Heavy timber and cool shape.

  8. Sika/Red hybrid found dead next to a wallow

    Sika/Red hybrid found dead next to a wallow

  9. hunting


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    Order Fresh Tracks Season Three

    Really enjoying Season three! And the stream/download format works great.
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    Win an Elk Hunt

    Us people from overseas eligible? Already dloaded season two and can't wait to be able to do the same with season three! Oh just noticed the start to Season three is available, know what I am doing for the next while :)
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    Sika meat hunt. NZ

    In New Zealand she would be called a Bitsa, bit of this bits of that ;) Bearded Huntaway (nz sheep dog) cross with a Lockley (NZ specialist pig hunting breed) Very lucky here we can use dogs for pointing or indicating and after shot tracking, it sure makes life much easier when your deer goes...
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    Not an elk, but it'll do

    Those Mule deer sure are neat looking. We don't get the Sportmans channel in NZ so very much looking forward to when I can buy the new Series.
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    Sika meat hunt. NZ

    I was down to only venison mince left in my freezer and had just finished fitting and zeroing in my .338 fed with a new Boyd thumbhole stock so a perfect time for a meat hunt. Mid Winter here now and the forecast was for 50kmph SW wind but clear and sunny. (SW is a cold biting wind down here)...
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    2013 elk finally back from the taxidermist!

    Very impressive, looks just as great inside the house as out.