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    Arizona CC Hits

    Looks like NM will be getting my money
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    Arizona CC Hits

    I'm curious if anyone knows the answer to this too?
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    Hello from East Coast

    Welcome to an awesome site. Lots of good info and good people here.
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    Buschy's 2018 CO Sheep

    Very nicely done!
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    Buschy's 2018 Season Review

    Very nice stories!
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    Links to Amazon Fresh Tracks Seasons

    The itch has been scratched. Can't wait for more episodes!
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    Links to Amazon Fresh Tracks Seasons

    I think the dripper is clogged again :) I've been checking every couple of days for the last couple of months. Hopefully we get a new one soon!
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    New Muzzleloader Options?

    My CVA Accura has the thumb-hole stock and the nitride barrel. Guaranteed never to rust. It shoots great with Blackhorn209 and is one of my favorite guns for hunting midwest whitetails where there are rifle caliber restrictions.
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    DIY Caribou Hunting Video

    Awesome video! It has inspired me to want to go to Alaska to hunt.
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    Detroit Tigers and their "rally goose"

    First positive press for our team from Detroit in a long time too!
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    Prichard's double barrel is my favorite. But I haven't bought any in a couple years since I end up drinking it all!
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    Cargo trailer feedback needed

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    Better late than never.

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    Stone Sheep Video

    Awesome video. I also like that Fort Minor quote on his arm.
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    That's a mighty bold statement! :)