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    GSP vs English Pointer

    Lots of good input on this one. I have a DK and a weim. I have been into bird dogs for 10 years. Guys are absolutely right to recommend researching specific lines within the breed once you have narrowed down your search. There is a ton of variation within the breed. I wanted a short haired dog...
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    Still working?

    Still in the office with an occasional field trip, but I work with loggers, so they are a pretty isolated group. I have the option of telework, but our main office has a small crew and my office is separate. We have locked the front door to outside visitors. So far, it's easier to work here and...
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    First Gobbles of the Year

    Called one in Sat. He hung up at 55-60 yds. Strutted and gobble for an hour, but never closed the final couple of yards to give me a shot. Will be back out there after him soon.
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    This is the biggest one I've ever seen. My weim pointed it in SD a couple of years ago. Almost kicked it trying to get the "pheasant" to flush. She was so proud of herself.
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    Yep... I’m a moron...

    I have pulled the common looking for your cell phone while holding it bit, and like Cushman, I have an ex-wife that when I think about that period, just have to scratch my head and wonder what the hell I was thinking. But I have been preparing for this post my whole life, I have been surrounded...
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    Lets see all your pets. Pet pics lighten the mood!

    The weim is Raina and the DK is Asha. Both are part of the family. We've been alot of miles together.
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    Hunt talk 7x57

    The little rifle had its first trip to the field over the weekend. We hit south Texas for hogs, but the hot weather and dry conditions had them shut down. We were able to get on some javelinas. She made a great shot, dropping this boar in his tracks at 150 yrs. She even hunted by herself 1 day...