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    The Prince of Poachers

    A lot of work to be CSEH every year.
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    The Prince of Poachers

    Nobody else thought this was dinkshooter at halloween?
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    Waterhole goats

    Cool stuff and Great first post...Welcome aboard!
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    Idaho unit 41-1 pronghorn

    That tag can be a frustrating tag. If you don't tag within the first two days of the rifle season the pronghorn can be tough to find. Now that the deer hunters are out and about they will be even more skittish. I suggest you give the 41/42 boundary line a shot. Sometimes after all of the...
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    I commissioned a piece of art!

    That is pretty dang cool! You would be an even better dad, if you got that tattoo for your son. :)
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    Idaho zone 50 (pioneer zone)

    You are 21 and couldn't figure out how to sign on to a hunting social media site? That is funny :) Welcome aboard. Lets see some photos!
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    Any advice on camping with Cushman would be appreciated!!
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    Since John Cushman gave away my identity...Justin Sandy and Kristin-Matt Kueffler, :) I hope you guys can join us. We are still working out the dates. Both Cushman and I have Wyoming trips that we are trying to plan this around. We will figure this out soon. Magnet only knows how to make...
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    Hello from Boise!

    Welcome aboard...I reside in Eagle.
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    Idaho Mule Deer, Unit 42, Juniper Mountain

    Welcome to HT. Post up a picture of your last muley and I'll share with you what I learned on my son's 2016 hunt in this unit.
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    Idaho drawing results are up! Anyone get lucky?

    Looking forward to sampling the bacon Cush! ;) Looks like helsyeah drew your tag!
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    German Shorthair vs Irish "Red" Setter

    I don't have much of an opinion on either, since I've never owned a GSP or Setter (I have had Labs and currently a GWP). I do think setters might be the best looking pup I have ever seen! But, having done a fair amount of pheasant hunting, long-haired dogs will have everything stick to them in...
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    Simple Things In Life

    So complicated, yet so simple? Listening to your old man tell a story for the hundredth time and never have it get old. (My post-teenager years of course) Seeing a memory (photo) of your grandfather and your son spending time together.
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    Idaho results...any day now.

    It wouldn't be a real Idaho draw unless there was some sort of screw-up or delay along the way. I can't remember the last year a draw year went without a hiccup or delay. Seriously though, I doubt there is another state that has to deal with as many privileged "me-first" applicants than...