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    Sheep Show and SHOT

    Dink, you're going down like a sweet muffin!
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    Arizona elk 2017

    Buzz, that is freaking awesome!!! On so many levels, including the milestones! What a dandy bull! And yeah, Stan rocks!! Glad you guys had fun out there and got to enjoy your butts being kicked in some rugged country! :)
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    Meat Processing in Montana

    Redside, very cool. You bet, you can take your grind piles in - it's easiest on the crew if you have 10lb increments so they don't have to scale ingredients. It's no issue to have frozen versus fresh - just give them a call and they can advise on if they want it thawed or not.
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    Meat Processing in Montana

    Awesome mdunc8! They have been doing a lot of improvements and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive! Thanks for your business!
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    2017 Wyoming Gen elk archery success

    Way to go, that is awesome!
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    Get 'em while you can

    Lucky bastard! Ha! Congrats!
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    Looking for new bino harness need suggestion!

    ^^^^This is what I use
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    Best weather app

    I like weather underground
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    Meat Processing in Montana

    They do both; cutting and wrapping is an option and if you get brats/grillers/slim jims/pepperoni sticks, those are vacuum sealed. As for a promo, that's actually been something we've been talking about but haven't settled on anything just yet ;) Very cool, thank you for the suggestion about...
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    Meat Processing in Montana

    Disclaimer: I am posting this with Randy's permission ;) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hi gang, I wanted to let you know that my parents (Doug & Meg) recently bought Budget Game Processing in Belgrade, Montana. Many know the prior owner shut it down while he was transitioning out of the business and it was...
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    When will Wyoming deer and antelope results be posted?

    Congrats to you bastages who drew! Big swing and a miss for me.......oh well, there's always next year!
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    MT: Gianforte vs Quist

    Another reason why I freaking hate politics. The party division is arbitrary and dumb in my simple mind.
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    Colorado sheep

    Khunter, did it give you the same funny feeling in your pants that Dink speaks of?