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    Tikka T3x Lite SS Shortened vs Tikka T3x Superlite

    Due to the Tikkas all being long actions, there is no advantage to a short action cartridge in one unless you are just going for lower recoil. In that case you can always load a long action caliber down for lower recoil. I vote for the .270. You’d come out cheaper (no gunsmithing) and get more...
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    Building an AR, lower receiver recommendations?

    PSA for me. I’m not opposed to any of them, except for the plastic ones
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    30 06 for elk and the ilk

    30-06 with 165 NABs at 2900+ FPS will be just fine for hunting just about everything in North America within reasonable distances. I’d you handload that is not difficult to accomplish with 4350 or RL17. I’ve used a 30-06 to kill coyote, truckloads of deer, and a 5x5 elk (that one used a 165...
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    3006 what gr bullet.

    165 NAB or TTSX over I4350... or H4350... or RL17... or H4895... or Varget... or, well, you get the point. I prefer the I4350, but the 30-06 with 165s is usually not hard at all to load for.
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    Volunteering for meat hauling around Steamboat, CO

    Generous offer, and sounds like a good way to learn the ropes if you have the time to do it
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    FNG, ready to start my quest for the elk, need some advice

    I don’t like borrowing things, especially guns, and especially on long range trips. A 30-06 is a great caliber, especially with good ammo. Don’t worry about the long range fad, but get comfortable shooting at practical hunting distances. Out west this will likely be up to 300 yards, but I...
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    Antelope success

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    Winchester .350 Legend

    Don’t believe all of the Winchester hype. It is likely a decent round, but not the “be all, end all” that Winchester is claiming. Some of its advertised velocities are from a 24” tube if I recall correctly.
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    450 or 45-70

    A 45/70 can be loaded to 450 power if you handload. 45/70 ammo and brass is somewhat affordable ubiquitous, whereas 450 ammo and brass are expensive and hard to come by. And, the rimmed 45/70 case just looks cool and is dripping with panache
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    3 first timers day-by-day

    I’m really enjoying this thread. Keep your chin up and keep posting... I’m living vicariously through you
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    Hunting Scope under $1000

    Stay away from buying used scopes from unreputable sources. Lots of counterfeits floating around. VX5 is really good glass
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    Scope / base / rings for new rifle

    Don’t overlook DNZ. Ugly and heavy, but bulletproof
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    Accuracy question

    I agree with paying attention to shooting form. Natural point of aim, stock cheek weld, trigger squeeze, and other consistencies go a long way at further distance
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    Upgrade from a Tikka T3x 270

    I like both of those rifles, FWIW. Both have short bolt throws and good factory stocks, as well as great reputations for accuracy. Try them both and pick the one that fits you best.
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    Loading Bullets One at a Time

    Longer than mag length load, or a load that uses a long seated COAL with light neck tension so that every load is jammed lightly into the lands and seating depth is less critical