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    How many rounds for a season?

    I typically load in batches, not to fulfill my needs for a time period. Usually 40, 50, or 100 at a time. I really ought to do bigger lots than that
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    RCBS Kit

    I’ll second the Imperial sizing wax. If you use it properly (not hard to do) it is amazing stuff. All that I use
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    Don’t laugh... What is your hunting rig?

    This is hilarious, and definitely sounds worthy of a Jeff Foxworthy joke. I’d love to see pictures!
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    Don’t laugh... What is your hunting rig?

    Guys, this has been a very informative and entertaining thread, thank you all (we say “y’all” in my neck of the woods) for the input. I have much more confidence in my planning now. It sounds like my car should be capable enough to handle most places, and I really want us to get out and put some...
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    Meeker, CO Elk Archery

    ^^^^ this. Some dandies are killed there every year, but they are the exception and not the rule. If they get there and start to get frustrated PM me and I can give you the information for a good outfitter that has horses that could help you find them. He charges, obviously, but he’s pretty...
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    Wyoming Bound

    Congrats. I love to hear these stories and learn a little bit from every one
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    Don’t laugh... What is your hunting rig?

    Very cool. I really appreciate all of the replies. I went from an 02 F250 Supercrew 4WD to this Outback due to fuel economy killing me on my long commute to and from work. I really like the car but I’m still getting used to not having a truck.
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    Don’t laugh... What is your hunting rig?

    As posted previously, I'm planning to take my daughter on an antelope hunt in WY in 2021. Being a long ways from home (SE TN), I am trying to be mindful of cost savings without being totally cheap. I’m thinking about driving my Subaru Outback (over 200k miles and not a beauty queen) out there to...
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    Buck of the Year?

    Very cool. Congratulations to all!
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    Best aftermarket recoil pad?

    I prefer the limbsaver
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    Guided Hunts--when would or have you done them?

    I have only been on one guided hunt in my life. It was last year when my dad and I went on a horseback elk hunt in a public wilderness area. He’s already had a a stroke and a knee surgery, so his safety and ability to get around were of concern. Our outfitter and guide gave us both a great hunt...
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    A few newbie questions

    Great information everyone. Thank you! I was planning to get onX, and was leaning towards the Gillette or Casper areas due to them seeming to have some cool things to do. An hour drive from either one is no problem at all
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    A few newbie questions

    I’m starting to research for a family pronghorn hunt for 2021 (likely). I’m really only considering WY from my limited research due to the large pronghorn population and lots of public land. Rifle only, would like to kill a buck (trophy consideration is not important, as I have no idea of how...
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    Son's elk rifle

    I would suggest 110gr Sierra Pro Hunters over 36gr RL7 to start him out on. My daughter used that light recoiling load to start shooting a bolt gun, and even took her first two deer with it.
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    Reloading the 300 Weatherby

    H4831SC and 180gr NAB