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    Non Lethal Bear Encounters (pics)

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    Arizona Unit 1 Elk Late Hunt

    That is a tough choice, kudos to you for doing the honorable thing! I let a bull go once that was injured and I still feel badly about it - he looked to have been hooked by another bull in a fight that had opened his abdomen. I was in a DEEP canyon, he had lost half of one antler, and I didn't...
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    Utah Anybull Unit Nine Mile

    I hunted there years ago and had a hard time with the land owners, I had put a herd of elk to bed about 1/2 mile onto public the night before the opener. About 4 a.m. a truck came off the private out onto an overlook just beyond the herd and starting making lots of noise - the herd had all moved...
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    Arizona Rifle Coues Deer day by day videos

    Tell us more about jump shooting ducks in the AZ desert. I thought they were hunting quail, was really surprised when they shot ducks.
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    Nm gmu 2b

    I hunted late deer in unit 2B years ago and saw a nice 300ish bull. However, it was the only elk I saw in four days of hunting.
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    Little Bros Nevada first buck

    That is awesome!! For me, hunting is about the adventure, time away from normal life, and time with friends/family. Getting a nice buck/bull is icing on the cake.
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    Colorado Early Season Rifle Mule Deer Unit 471

    I hunted this unit on an early rifle years ago. Would be happy to share what I know. Drop me a private message.
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    Arizona Unit #9 Late Rifle Hunt

    Unit 9 has a great elk herd and I don't believe that they migrate very much - maybe a little into and out of the park but they have to come out because there isn't water in the park. The cover in the unit is very thick and there are not many places where you can gain elevation to glass into the...
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    WY Elk: Where to use 9 points?

    Waterman, did you end up booking with Trails West for a unit 61 hunt? Would love to hear about your experience.
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    What's the minimum amount of time you'd consider for an archery Mule Deer hunt?

    I tried to get into archery hunting and finally stopped because it always felt like I needed a least a week to do an archery hunt justice and a full week has been hard to come by while raising a family. It was taking me 3-4 days to find a buck/bull then a day or two to pattern then a couple of...
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    Late Season Idaho Bulls

    Great report and nice photos. Thanks for sharing the hunt with us.
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    Arizona unit 23 rifle elk hunt

    Good for him! Hope he did well with his interview as well.
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    Son's season

    Good for him! Looks like a great season.
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    Nevada late muzzleloader hunt

    Looks like an amazing hunt. Congrats to you!
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    DIY drop camp

    A couple of questions that might help others to give you advice: What type of elk do you want to hunt - bull, cow, trophy bull? Do you have bonus/preference points accumulated for elk? Why do you want a drop camp (more secluded, someone to pack the elk out, someone to give specific advice on an...