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    WTH is Nebraska doing?

    Came back, they were there a couple centuries ago. ClearCreek
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    Wyoming reduces statewide Pronghorn and Mule deer tags by over 11k

    The tables with the numbers are by herd units and not hunt areas, would that be the reason the numbers may not jive? ClearCreek
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    Dream unit for antelope?

    Both good hunt areas if you could just find a place to hunt. ClearCreek
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    WY - BLM - Lease Sale

    In the Powder River Basin of Wyoming that "nonprofit" is the State of Wyoming. ClearCreek
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    Timing to contact regional biologists re winter/populations

    Wait about a month as right now they are busy with the annual season setting process. During this process they will determine the number of licenses that will be available in each hunt area. The traditional season setting meetings will occur again this year during the middle of March where the...
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    Despite the odds, how many Sheep Tags have you Drawn or Won in your Life?

    I have drawn one sheep license. In Wyoming in 2018; I had maximum preference points at the time. I do not plan on ever applying again. I have had my turn, I will not take a license from someone else. ClearCreek
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    Gardiner Wolves

    You apparently not going at the right time or the right place. When we are in the park we see wolves almost every day, but you have to know where to look. ClearCreek
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    OnX is not always correct

    A former coworker was told by OnX that their road layers were obtained from the U.S. Census Bureau. This, after said coworker was contacted by OnX after she wrote up and posted a news release during hunting season explaining there were several (23 I believe) road segments shown on OnX that...
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    How did you take up hunting?

    D4570: Your response could very well have been written by me. Exact same experience! ClearCreek
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    In moments like these...

    Both of my kids were in Forensics (Speech and Debate) and both qualified for the nationals. I believe it is one of the best preparations for life that a kid can so in high school. ClearCreek
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    Wyoming 2022 Application Book

    This would not happen for the 2022 hunting season. IF it is passed by the legislature in the 2022 session the earliest it would happen is the fall of 2023. ClearCreek
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    Federal Fusion vs. Hornady Interlock

    Brian: You indicate you have never recovered an Interlock; I have recovered a handful, but this indicates the animal was dead! The most memorable Interlock was a 225 gr. Interlock out of my 338WM into a moose I shot in Wyoming. The bullet was just under the hide on the far side of the entrance...
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    OnX is not always correct

    Just a thought................. I have seen it here and on other threads discussing OnX, where people say they see Game Department employees using OnX so that is "good enough for them" and they have purchased the OnX product. You don't suppose OnX gives Game Departments a hell of a deal on...
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    Chronic Wasting Disease Research and Management Act

    I guess it is totally a coincidence then that the areas where CWD initially showed up a considerable distance away from the CWD epicenter (Ft. Collins, CO) were the areas near game farms that had imported animals from infected areas. I guess there were probably a lot of hunters that hunted...
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    Learning About Bears - How old do they get in the wild?

    The following article has some interesting info on the old age of a Wyoming grizzly bear: ClearCreek

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