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  • How you doing ? I will be headed back to unit 52 again this year, cant wait for October to get here, did you draw this year ?
    I have not been able to get out and scout because of my work,,havent heard from my friend at lagunitas lately be he has been seeing alot more bears this year,,Good Luck to you
    been out scouting yet,,got a friend that archery hunts up at lagunitas that has trail cams out up there already
    my profile picture is the bull I shot last year in unit 52,, 3 bulls in 3 years and they keep getting bigger with each year so I hope I harvest a wallhanger this year
    Well 52 there are Elk everywere! I hunt near forest road 80, now this forest road whines all the way from highway 60 to highway 285.. but if you come off of highway 60 on to forest road 80 headed north, it's ruff in spots but you get up the road FR.80 will come to a Y thats FR133 goto google maps and you can see kinda what I'm talking about.. there is a water hole in between the two roads called Negro pond... That were I hunt most the time...
    What part of unit 52 do you like to hunt,,I have been hunting the cruses basin wilderness the last 2 years,,really like the camp and the whole setup,,beautiful country
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