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    Don't make these dogs live in a kennel. They will be miserable.
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    My Draht "Gus". Looks like your boy's twin. Gus is now 85lbs. The love of his Mommy's life. Lives in her lap at home. Covers ground hunting chukar effortlessly. Retrieves everything with ease. Can't stand too much heat or sun with that black coat though. Ohh yeah, and his beard won't...
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    IDAHO Chukar hatch

    Just starting, but conditions seem optimal with good bug hatch due to late spring rain. Getting some moisture now, but ideally not enough to hurt hatch. Keeping finger crossed.
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    Two gun big game combo

    I've no love for the 06', not in a 2 gun discussion. Living in ID where Elk die hard and steep hills make bad shot's highly regrettable, I like something that can push a 160-200gr bullet a min of 3000fps out the barrel, so while I prefer a 7mm RM as a 1 gun solution, here I'd pick a 300WM for...
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    Parker 20 gauge SxS

    Don't sell, get a DD.
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    If you were starting fresh and wanted to live out west... Where would you go?

    Wife and I moved the 3 boys away from Cali 13 years ago to Boise area. We landed 10mi W in town of Star, but all in Treasure Valley. One thing not mentioned enough, but valid, is the political aspect. I'm not overly political, but feel I bailed from Cali just before it completely bailed off...
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    What Would You Do?

    So what happens when you hike 2 miles and 1000' of elevation to set up 2hrs before daylight to watch a saddle or key ridge and then a couple "bumblers" come hiking in 30 min after light and set up 50 yds away to watch the same spot? 100% public land of course. I spent 10 yrs in Cali...
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    .25-06 enough gun for elk?

    BuzzH, For someone who likes to call people out for making comments that aren't backed up by some modicum of facts, I'm surprised at your response. Certainly energy is a key measure for this question. Clearly there are other factors, namely bullet construction and shooter ability, but don't...
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    Chance of getting permission Big Piney HMA in WY

    Gentlemen, Thanks for your responses, but I was already aware of what info you provided. I'll clarify my question. How do they choose the 100 tag holders that get permission on the Big Piney HMA for Dec/Jan. I would assume it is either a pure draw or a pure first come first serve. I am...
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    Chance of getting permission Big Piney HMA in WY

    We have type 7 cow tags. Think there's a total of 400 tags that can apply to HMA for Dec/Jan, but only 100 spots available. HMA is private land, so is there some kind of inside info, meaning do you need to know a rancher, etc., or is pure first come first serve, etc. We're going in Nov...
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    .25-06 enough gun for elk?

    I agree with your idea to keep them in a caliber they can shoot with confidence at a young age. My boys were small for their age and started with .243/.270 and Accubond or Partitions bullets and kept ranges to what they could handle. One caveat I'm surprised no one mentioned is that, it's...
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    2017 DIY Elk hunt help

    Coming from back East I can see why most would not need to go farther than Colo, Wy, or MT, especially since they have so many great animals and fairly good access to tags. Here in ID you can literally come, buy, and hunt all last minute. We have archery starting in Aug and general tags...
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    Chukar outlook

    So far my research and the feedback from others is good this year. Last year was an improvement over previous years, but certainly not good compared to 5 years ago. Anyone else have any feedback. I'm in Idaho. Of course if we don't put a few fires out, there may be nothing to hunt by Oct.
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    19 wolves culled in Lolo zone...

    Prophetic Post The Selway may be a great place for elk in 30-50 years after this year's fire. Wish I was aroound to see it.
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    Would you shoot a mountain lion or wolf on a deer tag?

    This seems to be flawed logic. Either you "won't shoot whot you don't eat" or not! Which is it? I don't see a better argument for passing on a wolf or a cat, than a coyote for control reasons. Heck, a cat or wolf is responsible for a lot more big game mortality than a coyote. I'm not...