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    Proposed Trail Cam Ban

    There is a trail cam ban here in Nevada, and the outfitters hated it. The ban is during prime hunting season Aug 10 - Januaryish.... There was a service operating in Nevada with so many cameras with data plans, that they were selling current GPS location of animals as they moved across the...
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    Insta pot?

    That seems like sound reasoning, unfortunately time isn't our friend at this phase of our lives.
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    Insta pot?

    Thanks for all the help folks. We've got kiddo number two showing up at the end of January so we got one for xmas. My wife saved up for some maternity leave so it seems like a good time to give it a whirl.
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    Insta pot?

    Hey folks, A family member wanted to know my thoughts on an instant pot. I have no idea, but they are considering buying themselves and myself one. What are y'all's thoughts? I've got a two year old and second kiddo showing up soon. Is the speed a game changer? My wife has a couple months...
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    Browning Safari 30-06 Belgium

    Great rifle, haven't shot it much and just need to make room. Can include Nikon Prostaff 3x9 scope with BDC. Took it on my first backpack elk hunt and it worked well, but I got a lightweight rifle. I was thinking 500 with everything shipped to a FFL, but I am open to offers. Can take better...
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    Fat Tire public lands video

    Looks like a few of these are coming out trying to highlight public lands for the various user groups. I dig this one. I think the more folks at the table the better. Obviously there is always nuance to work out, but pretty cool.
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    Utah antlerless draw

    Thanks, I was looking at the odds for NR, but trying to interpret them from the data Utah dnr posted
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    Utah antlerless draw

    Hey folks, I'm turning in my archery cow tag in Nevada to help a buddy with his bull tag. I bought a point for Utah cow last year but have never really applied. Nevada runs down your choices one after another, does Utah do something similar? Do I need to put a 100 percent tag first to make...
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    Nevada draw who is applying?

    Archery mule deer and archery cow with my buddy, he also drew archery bull in the Jarbidge gonna be busy
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    Live Draws, Future?

    I think this came about via protests from a local politician that he couldn't observe the draw.
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    Just got a cc hit from Nevada. Is just after midnight here in the West. 12:02AM Friday 24th

    Nice I hunted that last year with my buddy, really amazing place.
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    Nevada draw who is applying?

    Nevada resident, definitely going deer archery hunting, hopefully short horn antelope, archery cow.... I think the telecast draw comes from a local politician stating that it was unconstitutional last year as they wouldn't allow him to be in the building to witness the process.
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    Landowner claims BLM is his private property

    OnX is pretty awesome. I would make sure and contact both F&G and the BLM. Things have to be documented for folks like that. Even an email can start a paper trail that makes doing their jobs way easier in the future.
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    Interesting Article on Elk Herd Decline in SW Colorado They don't mention some other things like habitat fragmentation, human powered recreation, OHV recreation, etc.... But some interesting things to think...
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    Hunting Float/Raft trip suggestions

    I saw that episode, based on the lights in the background I was wondering if they'd finish the river trip and we're hunting closer to civilization. Editing can do some miracle things