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    Precarious Health and decisions...

    Best post ever right here
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    Archery Antelope, Unit # Wyoming.

    PM sent
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    First hunt, new partner, first bear

    Awesome experience
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    wy unit 45 cow

    Correct that we cant hunt national forest. So it will be a lower elevation hunt. I sent a PM.
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    wy unit 45 cow

    I did talk to the biologist before applying. He was helpful but I didn't ask exact areas, I plan to call again closer tot he hunt. Thanks for the landowner info I hadn't found that before.
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    wy unit 45 cow

    So looking for a little help. My son drew a youth WY unit 45 cow elk tag. Its type 6 tag so we cant hunt on national forest land. We also have to avoid a very busy high school football schedule. Im thinking that we will be coming out the 1st or 2nd week of November. This is the first elk hunt...
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    Truck using oil

    It's not leaking at all. Must be burning it.
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    Truck using oil

    Well it appears that switching the pcv valve didnt fix it. Still using oil. Thanks for the ideas.
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    Truck using oil

    Thanks. Just did the PVC so now we wait and see.
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    Truck using oil

    So my 04 dodge ram 5.7 hemi has started using oil recently. It's about a quart every 1000 miles or so. It's not leaking or going into the coolant. It has about 135k on it. Is this something that should concern me? Also any possible fixes short of tearing the motor apart. Thanks
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    Prayers for Topgun

    While I've never met the man I've messaged with him a few times on here. He was a integral part of the success I had with my first trip to wy. I made one of the typical posts asking for help with a unit. He gave tons of great advice and gave me gps coordinates as to a few camping spots. The...
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    No generator. Just hook up a deep cycle battery. I only use electric to run the heater fan if needed. Also havent stayed more than 3 nights. As far as finding a spot I use Google earth to find a few. Usually have to check more than one as they wont be what I thought for level or ease of access.
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    Popup camper on BLM for me. Seems to work great until the wind kicks up.
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    Anxiously awaiting Wyoming Non-Res elk drawing results...

    Type 6 tag for my son. It will be his and my first elk hunt.
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    Anyone have a free Mountain fitness program/routine?