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    Dogs are Hunting Partners - Let's see 'em

    Meet Frankie. Someday she will be a pheasant/grouse/duck hunting monster. At nine weeks though she's just a monster.
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    Annual pronghorn elation/sadness/confusion thread

    Sad trombones playing at my house. Point creep got me...
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    Backcountry/Alpine Lake Fishing float tube?

    Phil makes a great product. I definitely recommend Wilderness Lite.
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    Colorado Results?

    Just got out of the BWCA to find I struck out on CO too... Back to the drawing board.
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    Montana Moose Sheep and Goat results!!

    You're a horrible person. LOL
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    Raffles , Raffles, Raffles

    I won the NM governor’s tag through RMEF about 10 years ago.
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    Traveling hunter strategy

    I'll second the don't wait another season.
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    2020 Colorado Deer and Elk Non Resident Apps Poll

    I wonder how many of the new applications for elk are for the the old OTC archery units that are now draw?
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    2020 Colorado Deer and Elk Non Resident Apps Poll

    I put in for a stretch unit (elk) with the points I have. Probably won't get it, but decided to roll the dice. Good luck to everyone.
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    2021 Colorado OTC Archery Elk

    Why not buy a point this year so you don't have to hunt OTC next year?
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    Best bow sight

    Another fan of the Black Gold 3 pin slider.
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    Burning 10 points on CO GMU 66?

    I feel like I'm stuck in no man's land in CO with 10 points. I would love to hunt 76 but as a NR I doubt that is going to happen. I've been 3 points behind for a while now. Has anyone hunted 66? If so, would you say it's worth burning 10 points on it or am I nuts? This would be for...
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    What States Have You Hunted

    Mine is pretty small: Iowa: Everything Illinois: Everything Minnesota (God’s County): Grouse, ducks, geese, deer, and bear Colorado: Elk Washington: Elk South Dakota: Pronghorn
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    Non hunting bucket list or dreams?

    Getting my private pilot license.