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    Speed Goats in Unit 16 NM

    Thanks for the advice, gonna stick with the 300WM! Good luck on the NM hunt! There has been a pretty good snow pack so we should have some antler growth!
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    Speed Goats in Unit 16 NM

    Well, I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that I had green next to my application for a unit 16 antelope. Its been well over 15 years since I have been in the 16s, but I am pretty sure the game is the same, find water and glass. I am going to try and hold out for a big one and just enjoy the...
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    New Mexico is posted!

    Legs and Lungs every day!!! RLTW
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    New Mexico is posted!

    First archery
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    New Mexico is posted!

    Man I cleaned up this year! Drew deer unit 28, elk unit 53 and antelope unit 16!
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    Valle Vidal Turkey

    It is good from the 15th to the 30th of April, when I was in high school (2003) I had a cow tag in VV (which is a story in itself), but I have been trying to get back there ever since. Gonna hunt them like elk and love every minute of it? 2rocky when did you have the pleasure of hunting VV?
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    Valle Vidal Turkey

    Drew one of 20 Turkey tags in Valle Vidal, has anyone ever had this tag before? RTLW
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    First DIY Antelope Hunt Advice

    Arcteryx knee pads!
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    Story of my first Elk (CO 1st Rifle 2019)

    great write up!!! Thank you for sharing this. RLTW
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    How big is this bear?

    North GA bear.
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    What's my problem

    Stay positive, slow down, put the wind in your face, and convince yourself that the elk are at the next spot you have picked. Repeat this over and over until you find elk, keep in mind this might take a few years. RLTW
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    My First Elk - NM Bull

    I really enjoyed reading that write up! Thank you for sharing RLTW
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    Sitting wallows/water

    Sitting water or wallows is one of my favorite things to do, I am lucky and can sit for long periods of time and be completely fine. Sitting wallows or water allows you get to pick your shooting lanes, and the shot distances are some what predictable. You also aren't gonna burn yourself out as...
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    Wallows, Rocks, or Run off

    I think that is most likely it, would be nice if they were all wallows.