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    How big is this bear?

    North GA bear.
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    What's my problem

    Stay positive, slow down, put the wind in your face, and convince yourself that the elk are at the next spot you have picked. Repeat this over and over until you find elk, keep in mind this might take a few years. RLTW
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    My First Elk - NM Bull

    I really enjoyed reading that write up! Thank you for sharing RLTW
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    Sitting wallows/water

    Sitting water or wallows is one of my favorite things to do, I am lucky and can sit for long periods of time and be completely fine. Sitting wallows or water allows you get to pick your shooting lanes, and the shot distances are some what predictable. You also aren't gonna burn yourself out as...
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    Wallows, Rocks, or Run off

    I think that is most likely it, would be nice if they were all wallows.
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    Wallows, Rocks, or Run off

    Doing a little E scouting what do you guys think these are?
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    Placing trail cameras for first time... advice?

    I just saw this on YouTube, once you have set your camera tale your iPhone and place the camera on reverse mode ( so the camera is looking back at you) put that up to the trail camera and your will be able to see if you have the correct angle. I also walk past the camera pull the SD card and...
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    Elk hunting with atv’s

    The main reason I use my quad is that I rather tear my quad up instead of tearing my tuck up. It is a lot easier to get my 2004 big bear unstuck than a 2014 taco. RLTW
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    Hunting Alone

    I love hunting alone, as stated before the first few nights are always a little nerve racking, but you get use to the sounds of the woods at night pretty quick. Staying positive is what will keep you going, there are really no bad days in the woods. Hunting alone allows me to do what I what when...
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    Game Cam Photos

    Those are all great pictures. Gotta love running trail cameras!! Good Luck this year. RLTW
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    Best state to take up residency

    New Mexico is a horrible place to live ;)
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    Bugling in the Gila

    Take the 7 PTO and then take another 9 not paid, too good of a tag to not be there for entire time. RLTW
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    Random thoughts and questions

    What part of Rochester are you from, my old man is from Greece. I use, both the chip and the app at least three times a week at work. The only reason I use both of them is I can pull MGRS off the garmin. The app works great and is much better then the chip in the terms of detail and accuracy...
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    Boots on the ground scouting

    Colorado, You should PM everyone that starts off their first post with "Not looking for anyone's honey hole, but....." with your business plan and rates and see where it goes from there. RLTW
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    RMEF’s BUGLE magazine article

    That will make you call your dad. Thank you for posting! RLTW