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    it's even been warm and sunny here in the bay area...that usually lasts for a week or two, but it lasted for over a month...we've returned to early morning fog...but it's still getting sunny during the day. but definitely need to look at things in a positive light. more fires this summer/fall...
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    Howdy from California!

    greetings from the "not really 'northern' northern california". my name's jeff and i currently reside in oakland of the so-called liberal bay area. hope to hear some good tales from the californians on this board (working on getting my own tales ASAP - could be laid off shortly, which means...
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    What's scared you?

    i used to camp at a summer camp in the sierras a bit north of yosemite. nice little creek ran through the camp where my friends and i would catch trout (or at least try). we were walking down the creek to get away from camp and happened upon a nice tree trunk that formed a nice bridge about 10...
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    How could you possibly kill!!??!!

    Regardless of whether the facts concerning the true nature of the common house rodent, aka mouse (not to be confused with in-laws staying for extended periods), I must profess that I've never felt the need to kill such a nice, gentle creature. That said, I've also never hesitated to throw that...
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    Take the bear test

    I missed two questions. The one about the two tags and then one identifying the bear in the meadow. I have a pretty good internal bear detection system. If it just scares me enough to mutter some unholy obsceneties under my breath, it's a black bear...if i piss in my pants, it's a grizzly.

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