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Jun 19, 2001
Eau Claire, WI, USA
I found a dealer who has hundreds of pounds of discontinued WMR powder. I can get it from him in 1# cans for $10 each. He hinted at a cheaper price if I buy a case of cans. I bought 4 cans to start with and will be trying it in my 280 Rem A I. Anyone have any experience with this powder?
If I remember right WMR (Winchester Magnum Rifle) is a relatively slow powder. It might not be optimum in a 280, especially if it has a 22 in. barrel.
Actually, it does quite well in the 280 Remington, but I have a 280 Remington Ackley Improved in a 24" barrel. I'm working up a load with the 162 grain Hornady BTSP. I'm going to try to go down this weekend and buy 10 lbs.
I have 2 8lbers sitting in my house.. I got them for 40 bucks each....
I havent used it yet and had some reloading data that he gave me..

WMR powder works great in 338 win mag, in 300 and 358 Norma, 7mm WBY, 300 WBY, and 340 WBY. Could never get it to work in the 300 winchester. Never tried it in 264 Win Mag, but I imagine it would be almost perfect there. I burns very slow and can be particular about primers. I quit using it becuase it was also phinicky about temperature changes. Building loads in the valley in 80 to 100 degree weather then going hunting in the snow, the powder sometimes performed quite differently. If you work up your load in about the same environment that you hunt in, it should be great in most over bore capacity calibers.

found the paper...

280 remington(not AI)
bullet powder Charge FPS PSI
145gr sp WMR 60.4 2930 53,500

160gr st WMR 57.8 2795 56,800

.300 win mag
180gr sp WMR 74.0 2960 60,300
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