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Jan 5, 2001
Omaha, NE usa
we survived our (bullshit and me) trip into the Idaho wilds- got late start(left SF at 12:30pm)-toasted a cow on HWY 21 around the dam (around midnight) with my truck(9000+lbs vs 350lbs)-she was in the middle of the road and of course turned around as I was trying to miss her--smacked her at about 30mph and sent her sprawling, hard to stop a truck that heavy from 55mph-never found Moosie in Lowman-tried to sleep in truck at the SouthFork Lodge for --found where Moosie stays the next morn as we drove by, but figured he was long gone by 7:30am, so we didn't stop--packed in to Loon Creek--hiked and climbed a little for 5 days-saw 4 cows, 5 calves, one doe with horns and a few does and fawns-left Loon Creek went to Ketchum hunted one day-hiked and climbed a little-saw a doe and fawn on our way out and some elk-one bull, cows and calves(no tag for this area-figures)--drove home--not much to really report--had a good time as being out in the mtns is great--sure wish we would've seen more, but that's the way it goes sometimes-Bullshit has some nature pics and may add a little about his first Idaho adventure-chris
Csutton7 0 for 2 (no deer, no Elk)
Bullshit 0 for 2 (no deer, no Elk)

Truck 1 for 2 (no deer, 1 Elk)

Sometimes its better to be a truck.
Csutton, Sorry I missed ya. I actually went down and Bought extra pillows and blankets and made up a bed for ya. I also left the light on ...

What is a doe with horns ?!?!?

Bummer on the hunt, You missed an andenture with me. Check out the Moosies adventure story ;)

Sorry ya got skunked... Good time with your brother at least ?
doe with horns = a buck a very, very small buck--

Moosie--we didn't know exactly where you were--we couldn't find the lodge, so we just slept in the truck at the Southern Fork Lodge-and then of course we saw you as we drove by the next morning, but I knew you were long gone--plus at 3am I'm not sure you'd've wanted to see our smiling faces--

I had a good time--would've been nice to nail a buck or two at least--and we could've shot the small one at 75yds numerous times, but we chose not to---on to next year--chris
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