Wall Tent Stoves


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May 9, 2001
If anyone is interested in a wall tent stove these are really good.The Cylinder stove has 4 models now,I have the Hunter model and just ordered the Yukon model to go with the new wall tent I ordered.Give them a look here is the website address www.cylinderstoves.com :D
Very cool site, my brother-in-law built us a wood stove with a 4 in. flue. We couldn't get it to draw well enough and it smoked us out. This year we put in a 6 in. flue, if that doesn't do it then I'll turn it into the worlds largest clanger target for our muzzleloaders. :rolleyes:
Canyonman, a 4in flue is all I have ever used , it's more than adequate for a tent stove, I've built several over the years, have him look at his design again, maybe he forgot to weld in a lip down in the front hole ( this rolls the smoke back into the stove) I can't think of much else??? H2M
Hey canyonman might sound like a dumb question but do you have a slide damper on your door.Is your chimney up abouve your ridgeline on your tent? Other than that I couldnt think of any reason why you should be getting smoked out. :confused: :D