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The BAN has been lifted

Mar 27, 2003
Due to the Mad Cow disease in Canada up till now the importation of any Moose, Deer, Elk, Caribou, Sheep, Goat, or any other rumenent meat has been prohibited.

The ban has been lifted, here are the states and the Ports of Entry that can inspect for the game from Canada:

Vermont-Derby Line, Highgate Springs
New York-Champlain,Alexandria Bay, Buffalo (Lewiston Bridge, Peace Bridge, Rainbow Bridge)
Michigan-Port Huron, Detroit(Ambassador Bridge), Sault St. Marie
Minnesota- International Falls
North Dakota- Pembina
Montana- Sweetgrass, Rossebills
Washington- Blaine(Peace Arch, Pacific Highway,Cargo Ops), Lyndon, Sumas(Cargo), Oroville.

If you have any questions call the U.S. Department of Agriculture ask for the closest (Agriculture Quarantine Inspection Veterinarian) they can answer any questions.