Snowy Wandering


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Dec 5, 2018
Got out today with my son, my dog, our friends. Ten vehicles today! This was our annual Christmas/Solstice run. Been doing it for years. We just go to the nearby mountains, a part of Washington's central Cascades.

My dog Clark, enjoying his off-leash time. That dog LOVES the snow:

My son's nicely modified 1998 Cherokee, hauling a much newer stock Toyota out of a tough spot:

Except that even the Super Cherokee didn't have enough "grab" to pull the Toyota up, so I hooked on to Josh's Cherokee, and we had three vehicles all hooked up via recovery straps! That worked splendidly:

Friend Mark has a very nicely set up older Cherokee as well. He fabricated the very nice front & rear bumpers and the roof rack himself. Handy fellow.

We found miles and miles of unbroken snow! Normally I don't like to use a locking differential in the snow, but today, locking the rear diff and keeping the rpms up was the best way to break trail! I didn't try the front locker, was doing fine without it.

The only rig that had to chain up was a Ford F-350 powerstroke. Awesome pickup, but had a tough time in today's conditions even with a very experienced driver at the helm. Four wheels chained up with serious diamond-pattern chains helped it a lot though.

What a great day with great friends!

Oh - a bobcat ran across in front of my son's Jeep! By the time I could grab my 30-30 and thumb a few cartridges into it - the cat was out of range. But... I can get there again, and next time I'll have a flat-shooting scoped rifle.*

Hope you guys are all enjoying as Christmas approaches!