Skinning Bear???


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Aug 14, 2001
When skinning a bear for a rug, what do you do with the paws and ears? Help, quick... :eek:

Well, 19th time is a charm!..... I finally got the lil furball that I'd been chasin' and I still got some work to do... Remember swimming in that glacial fed lake....skrinkage....well, it seems I found hunting's version....... :rolleyes:
Mnt boy, If your seriou.. and need help.. LEMME know, I can fax you a diagram or talk iyou through it on the phone... I'm up for another 1/2 hour and will check right back

I aint chittin'... the only thing I skin regularly around here, has no also swallows when you shoot it in the head....(beaver)

Oh Master, a diagram would be sweet...also, can you freeze and thaw a hide a couple times without damage....

I'll be on line....

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Mnt boy.... I am 20 mins from the office but could drive over there tonight and Draw something and Post it for ya... Would that help ?

I'm in chat or could call ya...... ANd yes, you can freeezr it without damage.... Just not the meat if your going to eat it...
Quick tip on the paws. If your gonna screw with it. Cut the main pads off. They dont show and get cut off anyway. When you take the bones off, cut them off at the first knuckle. Pack that sucker with salt and you will be good. You will make a few cuts through the hide, dont worry about it, thats why the taxidermist make the big money

As for ears, the easiest way is turn the hide inside out and skin the ears like a sock. gotta be very careful though because they are thin. Personnally if you dont know what you are doing, pack it with salt and get it to a taxidermist. Some people use a stick up the ears to skin but I use my fingers. That way I can feel where the blade is. Use a razor blade for the ears also. very sharp.
Thanks Lil', I think I'll leave the ears alone. I got on the batline to Moosie and he gave me some GREAT advice on the paws... now my bear's only got 3 legs.......that's ok, that's the only way anyone would believe I got one anyways... ;)

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Thanks hombre! I wasnt sure about those pads, but I think I've got'er figured now.....oops.....oh well, they probably thought it was only 3 legged, if I shot it anyways....:D
:D .. Good talking with ya.. I won't tell anyone you're actualy from florida with a ebonic's Accent ;)

looking foward to a photo or two ?!?!? Get busy slacker !!!