san gorgonio wilderness???

Never been there, But that is were I keep applying for desert sheep tag. I believe this is going to be my year, so I better start checking it out.
I've never hunted there, but I worked at a Boy Scout camp (Camp Tahquitz off Hwy 38, jus below Barton Flats) near there. I've been back there at least 100 times, but not in the last several years. Mainly we went in thru South Fork (Slushy) Meadows or Forsee Creek Trail, staying at Lodgepole, Dry Lake, Mineshaft Flats, Dollar Lake, High Meadow Springs, Jackstraw Springs, etc. Been on Gorgonio, San Berdoo, East San Berdoo, Carlton, etc. peaks and all along the 10,000 foot ridge. Never really saw much game, but I wasn't looking back then as I was leading a group of adolescent boys back there. (I was one, too, at the time!) Can be good fishing, though.
If you get lucky enough to get drawn for sheep, the area called the 10,000 foot ridge is a good place to start glassing from, but this is a very strenuous area to get to. The bright spot is that it's almost all downhill from there and you can glass for a looong ways. There is a peak called (appropriately enough) "Bighorn" and it has a good area to view from. A lot of this area is above timberline, of course, so the best bet is to get there and glass. I'd bring a spotting scope and tripod. It's been 20 years since I've been up there, though. Anything in particular you're looking for, so I can try to reactivate some brain cells? The bear population has gotten very good in the lower areas.

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calif. hunter the area i'm interested in is north fork meadow. how hard of a hike is it to this area? how long did it takeyou to hike to mineshaft flats? i think mineshaft is the "turn off" for north fork meadow, i just don't have my map here(at work) so i'm not sure. i will ultimatly be heading for silverwood falls, cross country. i'll be going mainly for bear, but since deer season runs along with it if i ran across a deer i'd take him instead. i'd prefer a bear but i'm not coming back empty handed! thanks for your help!!!
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