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Sabot Slugs vs Nilgai

This is what we'll be working with.

100 yards from a sled fired in pretty rapid succession resulted in about a 4" group. I left it cool all the way down, and got it dialed in to 3" high which should be good for about 150 yards and down to about a 3" group. Will do some more playing around in a few weeks.



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Man, didn't know that was in the cards! I'll keep my head on a swivel. Any advice on where to find the Nilgai and how to hunt them? Sitting vs still hunting? Brush vs open country?
I hunt them in brush, anywhere that looks like you don’t want to sit in due to snakes and ticks is THE right place lol they poop in the same spots through out the day. Pretty popular to sit the dung piles. I just got in to the mesquite flats and sat up against a tree for one hunt and on another hunt I walked the wind. I hope you get some rain. It washes out the hunters and keeps them on their feet!
Have you ever shot rifled slugs through a smooth bore cylinder choke ? If yes, how did they perform ?
Rifled slug commonly called pumpkin balls are fine in smooth bores but you are wasting your money shooting sabot slugs through a smooth bore. With my Ithica deerslayer smoothbore I could hold 3” groups at 75 yards about 5” at a 100. With a rifled bore and sabot slugs it is no problem to hold 3-4” groups at a hundred yards.

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