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Ruffled Grouse


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Jan 7, 2002
Willington, Ct.
Went out hunting grouse a couple of weeks ago. I forgot how much fun and frustration they can be. Sit tight until you go under the low branch, or walk behind the short tree with leaves still on it, or wait until you turn your back and then take off from ten feet away. Saw plenty of birds and even got off a couple of shots but didn't ruffle any feathers. Oh Well.
:rolleyes: :eek: :rolleyes:
we used to hunt them in washington along time ago... We always used 22 rimfires. Ive seen them sitting on an old road and not moving as we are walking. We shot a few time but they didnt move so we assumed they were rocks. when we go within 20 yards they flew away.. Then Ive seen them come and land right where you are walking... Ruffs are fun to hunt....

In Wa. the only time I hunted them was when it was big game seasnon. Then I would hit them with a stick or rock for fear of spooking the big game......I got a few for the fire that way....
I thought ruffs were stupid, until I went to CO elkhunting.. We ran into some blues and I picked a stick up and whacked one....good eating... Now I carry a sling shot while hunting elk and deer in CO...

Had a lot of ruffs in NY. They sure could startle the crap out of you. I now have bird shot for my 44 and get my grouse while on my way out from deer or elk hunting.