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Dec 29, 2000
Marquette, Michigan
Greetings all,

All of my ballistics and reloading books are nearly antiques and pretty well beat up too. I am looking to replace these books with more modern and up to date books. What do ya all recommend?

Hi, Lost Yooper - I replied on the "Deer" topic to your original post. Another good book is "Pet Loads" by Ken Waters. Lots of good info there. Any particular calibers, bullets or powders you're interested in?
I guess what I'm looking for is a few books that would include some of the newer rounds like the STW's and Ultra Mags. I'm getting tired of reading the same ole books about the same ole cartridges. I need more material!
Next year, I hope to buy a new rifle for moose and elk trips. I want something bigger than a 30-06 and something a bit unique. The new 300 WSM has gained my attention, but info is a bit scarce. I've heard some complaints about the 300 Mags neck being too short, and I'm wondering if the new 300 WSM has a longer neck. I like what I read about the 338, but everyone seems to have one.

Thanks for the info,

Two powder company websites have load info for the 7mm STW and 300 RUM. They are
(IMR doesn't list them on their website)
Some of the newest cartridges haven't yet made it into book form yet, at least that I am aware of. I subscribe to Handloader Magazine and Rifle Magazine, both of which are good and contain up-to-date info. They develop a lot of their own loads, etc. Unfortunately, the mailman just left with the last issues of those that I am mailing to a friend. If I remember correctly, the 300 WSM has a slightly longer neck thatn the 300 Win Mag. A lot of the "theory" behind the various short magnums, though, is that with the improvement in bullets, a real heavy-for-caliber bullet is not needed. (I don't neccesarily agree, just quoting from the above mags.) In other words, a 180 gr premium bullet from a 300 WSM holds together and penetrates better than an "old style" 200 gr or 220 gr. Ditto for a 160 gr 7mm bullet vs an "old" 175 gr. Again, I don't believe that a high quality bullet by itself makes up for weight, myself. I still like heavy bullets for heavy game! There are some really good 180 gr slugs for my 300 Wthby, though. I'll see if I can find a website for Wolfe Publishing, who puts out Rifle and Handloader.

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Thanks for the links. There is certainly a lot of room for debate regarding sheer bullet weight vs. sectional density, BC's, and bullet quality. I'll leave this debate to others.
What I like about the 300 WSM (from what little I know) is the beltless case, short action, and ballistic similarity to the regular 300 WM. I'm far from purchasing anything, so I can sit and wait for more reports. There's rumors that a new 338 Short may be coming out. I haven't ruled out the 7mm STW either.

Take care,

Hey Yoop, when did you get lost? I didn't know. Sorry you're misplaced. Can I help find you? Anyway, back to the topic. As much as I hate to admit it, Lazzeroni has a short 338 that is really spectacular. If you want something that everyone else doesn't have, this may be worth a look. I am not sure what they call it, but its based on the 416 Rigby case and about 200 fps faster than the Winchester variety. The big trick is that it fits in a 243 length action. That way you can have a 26" barrel and still have a short managable rifle. Take a look. I think you may be impressed. Anyway, it's worth a look.

Dan AZ

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I've been "lost" my whole darn life in some manner or another. I think it's hereditary. The name of our 40+ year old family deer hunting group is The Hopelessly Lost Deer Hunting Association(HLDHA). I'm one of two Yoopers part of "the association", so I think the handle somewhat fitting. We're just a bunch of clowns.
Anyway, that 338 Lazeronni sounds appealing to me. I'll check it out. Is that without a belt?


Hey YL, I have a friend that I would like to get lost. Can I send her up to the UP? Don't worry. That 'between the ears' location is quite common in my house. We sometimes refer to them as senior moments.

Dan AZ
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