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Jun 10, 2021
I’m basically speaking to the newer folks but the old hands realize we need to practice like we’re gonna hunt. Wearing a hat, gloves, jacket, etc. If you hunt from a tree, blind, plan on stalking whatever it is shoot that way.
Here’s something not many think about. As a newer hunter if often heard it said , “I’ll see how I do when the time comes”. So there’s a couple probs with that. One best case scenario , unless we get lucky, we just flat out miss, two, it could result in wounding. We wanna avoid that at all costs. I’m sure you’ve heard effective range. That’s the range the equipment and hunter are good to.
There’s an unknown, pressure, stress. Who’s practiced for that? Who’s told you to? As a kid my brother didn’t bow hunt at first. He’s laugh when we mentioned buck fever. One day he came. A doe walked up to him, his arrow was vibrating off his Berger button so hard he said it was buzzing like a door bell.
So how do you prepare to handle that? Introduce stress as part of your training. You can do that simply by taking a ceiling tile or something similar sized, drawing a tic tac toe board on it. Play best of 3. Whoever wins has a hotter wife, better team or country, maybe you just bet a soda. Couple things come from this, you’ll learn to pick a spot where none exist, you’ll also want to beat your buddy. (Pressure, stress) You’ll do it best once you learn to handle stress.
You can shoot 3D, plenty of targets often missed result in lost or broken arrows. See who can keep their calm.
Idk if they have a bionic deer at any shoot you attend, it’s basically a plate steel deer w a softball sized hole cut out in the vital area. At 15 yards, if someone is using a pin and has 20 yard sight, place it on the 6 o’clock position and shoot. You can’t miss. There’s often a garbage can next to it full of broken arrows. Guys can’t handle stress, it wigs em out.
As kids we’d shoot each other’s nocks, to lessen the risk the first guy would shoot the deers nose at 3D events. Anybody missed the shot lost arrows. Please don’t do that, it damages targets. You’re prob starting to see my drift though. You’ll never fully recreate the pressure an animal places on you, you can practice when tired and you should, cold, hot, here’s another, when we were kids at a 3D we’d tickle a guys ear with the fletch while he was at full draw. Did he get distracted or shoot through any annoyance. How many times early season does a fly, mosquito land on your nose tip a full draw on game?
Even with firearms or bows learning Ariel shots, as the target is going out toss small bits of broken clay bird or something across hunter to try and distract. A word of warning, make sure range is totally safe and the weapon always remains down range. You can “bulletproof” your mentality by trying some things to get there. Baby steps, but try something before game steps out opening morning.
If anyone has other ideas, tricks or techniques please advise


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Mar 17, 2017
Very solid approach there I like it.

Reminds me of the Tiger Woods documentary as a kid his dad would play mental mind games with him.

Very good advice thanks
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