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Powder for 7Mag & 140 gr.



Hi guys...I'm usually flinging 160 & 175 grainers out of my Rem700 24" using I-4350.
What do you fellas know about 140 grainers in same rifle....whats the best powder to use w/ Ballistic tips. I'll probably stick w/ my CCI250 primers (have large qty) thanx...Sparkman
Sparky, I don't know about the CCI Primers, but I've had outstanding luck using 76.5 grains of H-1000 in RP cases with Fed 215 primers and Ballistic tip bullets. Dan AZ
Sparkman, I don't own a 7mm Mag, but I sighted one in for a buddy of mine about a month ago and shot the best group I've ever shot out of a 7mm Mag with this load. 58gr of 4064, Win cases, cci primers, and nosler 140 gr ballistic tip bullets. The key with the 4064 is to weigh each charge as it is a coarse powder and so may not drop the same each time. MOST IMPORTANT.... this load is probably at or near max so ya might want to start a couple of grains lower and work up to it if you want to try it. WD.
I use 139 grn Hornadys in my 7mm rem mag I use Reloader # 19 loaded at 2900 Fps. I use this load for for everything from Elk to jackrabbits. I have been told by several people that they like RE 22 I will try this load soon but as of now the RE 19 is my powder.


Good Luck
The Greek
Thanx for the replies...varied as expected.
I looked up the burnrate and the H-1000,I-7828 and RL-22 are a match, and RL-19 is a match for my I-4831. The last 2 are the next step slower than the I-4350 I use on heavier bullets.
Dan, the Fed215's and CCI250's are interchangeable in my rifle, and have heard similiar comments from others, reliably.
The oddity among the recommendations was the I-4064, which matches w/ Varget, in burnrate. I would assume a strong, finicky pressure spike when this faster burning powder ignited w/ a magPrimer. I experience the same condition when using I-4895 in my .375HH ...But WD, I'm sure you have a good grip on the load!
I just wasn't quite sure how slow to go on burnrate,using the 140's (NBT) and your help has...helped...thanx , Sparkman
P.S. OK, I owe ya where I'm going from here...I-4831 w/ CCI250's and NBT140 is whats up next...because its on hand..heh,heh!
Sparky, I'm not sure exactly where you got your info, but don't risk your body on it being correct. IMR-7828, H-1000, and RL-22 may burn exactly the same with lighter bullets, but there are some absolute differences in their reaction to heavier bullets and changes in temperature and altitude. In the 7mm, I have found a variation of almost 200 fps between the same loadings of IMR-7828 and H-1000. RL-22 is slower than either of them and does not perform consistantly in cold temperatures. I've also found the 7828 is much more primer sensitive than either of the other two. Just a couple of shared thoughts because I don't want to see anything go wrong. Try what you will, but please keep these tips in the back of your mind. Merry Merry and Happy Happy. Dan AZ
Dan..thanx for the comeback good buddy! The comparitive burn-rate chart is here:
Generally a pretty good site....thanx for the particulars on temp. sensitivity w/ the slow powders. Particularly RL-22 and cold temps. (we get them here in MN. regularly).
I should have known better to call the different powders "a match" ...better terminology would have been "somewhat close" in comparison to burnrates. Hey, but then I might not have baited ya into giving that extra tidbit about the RL-22. Thanx, it WAS going to be a purchase Friday...but its close to ZERO today and now I'm not so sure. Hmmm , any cold weather sensitivity in the H-1000?
I may want to shoot this load in June, of course I'll have to work it back up in June, (having initially worked it in January). I really am a safe reloader...contrary to what I write! thanx, sparkman
Sparky, I don't find H-1000 as reactive as RL 22, but it is more reactive the IMR 7828. The old Norma MRP was the best, but I think I have the last 6 pounds of that in existance. To tell you the truth, the only experience I've had with H-1000 in really cold weather was this years Elk hunt. The load I was shooting was developed in Arizona in the early summer time, so I would imagine the temp would have been in the 80's or 90's. I used it on an Elk in '92, another in '97 and then again this year. I sight the rifle in at the range in Mesa and practice through out the fall. When I got up to the hunting camp, I sighted in again. The POI had change about 3/4" up and a little right. I redialed the scope then shot again. It held. At 600 yards, the POI had dropped about 1 1/2" probably due to the difference in air density, but maybe partially because of the difference in the burning characteristics of the load. As it turned out, my only shot at game was about 60 yards, so all the work was just an exercise. If you are going to hunt in really cold temps and work up your load in cold temps, any of those powders should work fine. If you are going to change temperature more than about 30 degrees either way, I would at least shoot the rifle and make sure that the load holds zero and the pressure change hasn't had any great effect on POI. Dan AZ