NV Hunt 1104 Area 6 Emergency Mule Deer Doe Hunt late 2016


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Aug 22, 2010
I know the results to the draw are not out yet however I just wanted to get a head start on researching this hunt just in case my buddies or I draw a tag. Does anyone have any info on good areas to hunt in Unit 67 and upper portion of 68? According to the NDOW maps for this hunt open areas are Tuscarora surroundings largely North and west, The Willow creek ridge area and the Santa Renia Mountains. This was an unplanned hunt so I didn't plan any scouting trips up to the area, being out of Vegas it is a bit of a drive there. I'm also looking for places to camp in that area, we have trailers so dry camping is fine. Just looking at good areas to get back into with a 28' long toyhauler. Any information will be appreciated. Thanks