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Dec 17, 2003
Tyrone NM
Well Moosie I finally broke down and decided to join you low lifes. Got tired of reading posts from all the high schoolers in Utah, on MM. Thought I'd join in on some real immature humor. he he

Looking foward to getting to know some of the guys and gals in this site.

Hey how do I change my password?

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C.C. Welcome aboard man !! To Change your Password go to the Profile at the top of the Page and go to your Properties. If you need anything else, Lemme know..

PS, Sorry to Say but OldOregon is here too
It seems there are more than a few familiar faces(handles) around here. And as far as Double O, that child has provided far too much humor for me to curse his name. Moosie, your "Your a Fag" pic with ponch is a classic. Not to mention the Richard Simmons one. RS is funny, but I bet it would be pretty funny to see Gene Simmons on that Rainbow Coalition poster too.

Crazyaboutcoues welcome aboard. I just go done looking at your website (very nice). By the work phone number you listed I can tell you work at PDTI. What do you do out there? I used to work at the front gate and then drove trucks for a while. Before moving to the Denver area I lived in Hurley. How were the deer and elk hunts in the area this year?
BrianID, I have made alot of Funny [posts, and so has many other people... I will have to Say the Splunter Post takes the cake though !!

The only time something else as Funnier is When Someone posted here also Posted at a different site and "SOMEONE" figured out their Password on another site. He was a Big Chit stirrer so I... Errr.. I mean Someone changed their Profile on the Other site to say their hobbies were Sheep Humping, Etc. They also had a Long post Changed about Game Ranching to Alien Farming. It['s Amaising how funny it was when It took 3 days for someone to realise the post was Changed and even Longer for the Profile
THAT, Was the All time Classic. I still get blamed for it, But I'd never do anything like that

Anyways, Welcome Aboard guys, pull up a Stump and Make yourself at home. If ya have any questions, Give me a HA~LLLA !!!
Welcome aboard! You'll never find a better bunch of guys/gals!

OMG Moosie, that Splunter thread was the best laugh I've had in a long time! What a riot. You have a rare wit, my friend......and thanks for the "grown-up" stuff!
John.. I have my ON and Off days... So keep on a Reading, Usually once a month at least there is Something funny, I figure if I keep at it every day something might surface

Welcome Everybody !!!
Thanks for the welcome guys. These kids nowadays need to stay away from the "crack" and stick to organic drugs. he he

SWNM - Yeah I work at PDTI, been here 16 years now. The hunts this year were pretty good. All my clients either took a good animal or had opportunities.

I have hunt going on right now in AZ and have only been able to go out one day. I knew that chick from Tiawana was going to hurt me somehow.

Seriously i've had the flu for almost 10 days. Hopefully i'll be ready right after Christmas.
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