New Bow for me


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Dec 11, 2000
Steve has trying to get my Bow to fit me better,
but because im so short it's been hard to find a Bow that fit's in draw lenght and still goes up to the poundage I need for hunting.
The bow I shoot now is just a little long,but I can still shoot it good enough for me and have killed two animals with it,so I didnt think I needed another one.
Steve has been after me to go look at this new one Mathews came out with.
After dragging my feet , I decided I had some time today so I could go look and get him off my back LOL
After looking it over and shooting it ,I decided Steve wasnt such a pain in the butt after all and I had Matt hold the bow so Steve could but it for me

He will find out tonight when he stops in there He He He.
Are you talking about the new Mathews Outback???? If and when you get it, give us a full report on how it shoots, handles, etc.
Sorry,I forgot to put what model it is.
It's the Mustang ,It's the only Mathews Bow that will fit me.
Draw Weight 20-50 lbs
Draw Lenght 19-26 inches
Axle to Axle Lenght 31 3/4
Weight 3.2 Lbs
It shoots real nice and is quite.
My draw lenght is so sad ,I dont have many options when buying a bow.

I just talked to a guy that has the Outback on order,he was jacked about getting that bow.
He said he was able to shoot a number of bows back to back and the Mathews Outback was the best he shot.

I cant wait to start the 3-D season :cool:
Nut,the new bow is great.
I have gone to two shoots now and my average was up both time's.
Steve keeps track of how many targets we shoot and devides it by our score to get our average.
Not bad for a new bow.

It amazes me how much little tweeks to your form or the bow can make a big difference.
This bow fit's me much better then my last one.

We are leaving tonight to help set up a shoot,so im not sure if I will get a chance to shoot this week-end.
But it should be fun.

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