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Need a Dog Run???

George P

New member
Jan 11, 2001
rochester N.H. usa
If any of you guys have a going dog that you want run on bear for the next month let me know. My dogs are being run hard and I could use some fresh legs. Dog will get some kills and plenty of running.Will be run with my personal pack of 5 dogs that are all broke excellent natured hounds. I only run 4 dogs at a time. Located in New england. Thanks,George
You can email me at [email protected]
My web site is at www.borderpond.com
Wish I was closer George I would run over and help ya out, bear season here ends tommorow, won't have anything till around first of Nov to run till deer and elk seasons are over, no running dogs in Idaho during a open deer or elk rifle hunt. I know what ya mean about being dog poor, I got 6 dogs and had a hard time keeping 4 in the feild all summer long, either have one coming in heat, get injured or something else bogus would happen. At one point about 3 weeks ago I only had 2 dogs out of the 6 that could run, that stinks. I have had at least one dog in heat since July, I tell ya makes a guy wish he had about a dozen when he goes to huntin hard.
you are right on the money Gatoman. I only run 3 or 4 at a time so keeping 5 broke dogs sound good.Then my Spot dog gets nailed by a rough bear one week and then gets hit by a wounded bear the next week.Havent been able to run him for a week now.
I run the 4 I have on a bear that runs ledges all day Sunday.2 dogs ran for 7 or 8 hrs.First thing Monday morning I strike a hot one off the truck that runs like track star over every mountain in the area before treeing 7 miles away in a straight line on my GPS. About a 50 lber too !!!!! I came home Monday afternoon and thought this is going to be a tough week.My dogs were beat. We killed 2 last week that we had hunters for.My last hunter this week. I have a buddy coming down from Vermont to run with me for a couple days starting tomorrow so that will be a big help.Havent struck a bear in 2 days now so my dogs got some rest too.Then next week I am running with Tobey so I can alternate dogs with him so guess I should be all set now.
Hey George,
I wish I was closer to. Man I haven't had a chance to get out once this fall. Damm work has kept me going steady. I tell ya what though, come kitty season this guy is gone, dogs are fat and need off the chain, work is gonna have to wait :D :D Catman
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