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Moosie's Sheep thread....


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Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
Most of this is For Tbone but I wanted everyone to see our conversation to Pipe in any Ideas ...

T bone, looking at your Food list and the other ideas I have one comment... One thing I don't do is Oatmeal :D I'd figure on a Snickers/Payday instead of the Cliff bar, and I like the Freeze Dried Idea. They are real filling and the variety is Awsome. I'm going to Work on the Pack over the Next 2 months and probably read the backpacking thread a Couple times from Beginning to end.

I have been at Warrens looking over all the Country (Pictures) of that whole area and laying out plans of Attack. (Him and Kotter were reloading some Bullets from 10PM till 1AM) I saw the Mountain that Jay Roberts got his Sheep and the Area you were camping at too. I'm gunna scan a few pictures in and Take them out for reminders when I order something for lunch

I am gonig to Fly the Unit and Videotape the whole thing. Next week I'm going to Talk to a Pilot Kotter was talking about tonight thats Local up there. Probably before out July 14th BBQ at my place Tbone, We can look at the Arial Film and Go over some Ideas and stuff.

Here is my game plan.....

1. Talk to the Bioligist (If you have Names and Numbers from last year please PM them to me).

1.A Secure a Float permit for later in the Season incase My First Go at it isn't successfull. I have VAnce Pulson (That coustom makes those Kat frames) lines up to loan me what I need.

2. Get maps, and More Maps.

3. Set up an Arial Video trip.

4. Do a scouting trip

5. do some hunting ;)

In between I'm working out, and laying out my Items to take. Other then That, What do I need to do ? And now... I'm going to bed :cool:
Here's a couple thoughts,

I don't remember the biologist's name...He's out of the Salmon office. He offered lots of general info like these specific phrases I remember well...."Get in shape." "The sheep are tough to find, but they are there." "There are a lot of rams in that unit that die of old age."

On the food,I didn't do oatmeal. I didn't want to mess with heating water in the morning. The Clif bar is way better than a candy bar. It has carbs and protein for more of an even burn, instead of quick buzz. If you tried one once and thought the flavor was cruddy, try one again. Chocolate brownie and choc almond fudge are tasty. Carrot cake is good too.

Plan on having the capacity to carry at least one gallon of water. For the early hunt you can always see water, but its waaaay down there and takes most of a day to get to.

What's your thinking on the early hunt? Labor Day weekend for 10-14 days? Then go to CO for muzz mulies than back for sheep if needed? This is just a thought, may want to scrap the CO hunt. My feet and legs were crippled up pretty good after each hunt. The second hunt being the worst because I was carrying more weight and so many slips and falls in the snow.

Another thought would be to pack in supplies early by pack or rent llamas for 4 days.

That's all I have to say about that. for now
I got some horses lined up for the Trip in to Ship Island. I am Planning to Hunt CO afterward (If we draw) and then back out if possible. Wylee has always been there for me and If we draw together I'm not bailing barring Wife doesn't threaten me with Divorce... And even at that she Better be serious ;)

I'll call the Bioligist this week and Talk to gus Like Ralph Mcclintock and others with FNAWS.

I'll probably do the Cliff bars, I can Sacrifice anything for 10 days..... Except "LOVIN, but we'll talk about that ;)

I am thinking Labor day weekend.... We'll firm up the Dates later. Whatever works for you too. What has Jen said about this ?
Moosie-Congrats on the sheep tag!!!! :D

You're in fine company as I drew my second ram tag in 5 years. And this one is the money tag; desert sheep.

I'd bag the Colorado tag if you haven't killed a ram by then. There will be more little dinks for you to kill next time you draw here. I don't know how many points you had for the muzz tag but you can get them back if you turn in your tag before the hunt. You just don't get your money back. :(
I'm not out any Points, And I know I can Shoot a forked Horn in Idaho too ;)

I heard through the "VINE" you drew !!!!

Fetching Awsome on the Money tag bud !!!!!
Congrats to both of you guys. Sounds like two lifetime hunts coming up. Looking forward to the stories and pics. Very cool. :cool: :cool:
Moosie, save me one of them Idaho forkies for this year would ya? I have my share of Californys ones so looking forward to something different this year ;) :D
You guys are BADDDDDD !
Got me all fired up, so I just went and put in a DESERT BIGHORN App.
(That ag is easy to draw isn't it ? )
So whats the plan Oscar?

This is what I have in mind, but I have a couple questions. I drive or fly up there Friday night of Labor Day Weekend. We drive all night to get to the trailhead. You mentioned you have horses lined up for the pack in?

We pack in Saturday past Ship Island, to a spot I have in mind. Saturday will be a long hard pack in, but I think we can make it. If it goes as planned and we get as far in as I'm thinking, we could wake up Sunday morning and see the big ram on my X Mountain. If he made it through the winter, I'd bet he'll break the 180 mark.

We bed the rams down and you sneak them and by about 4 PM you get into position and I hear the distant boom of the 300. By Monday noon we have it caped and we are ready to pack out. By Wednesday we should make it back to the truck.....

Sound good?

I'll need to back in Reno by Sunday night Sept 12th. If we don't kill a ram while I'm there are you going to have someone else meet you, or are you going to come back later in the season?

The reason I'm asking is I'm thinking of flying to Boise. If you have someone else lined up to come in for week 2, then I'd drive your rig out back to Boise and have Vic take me to the airport. If not then we both drive out.

How many supply pack-in trips are you making this summer? I pretty comfortable with carrying 9 days worth comfortably, so don't sweat packing in food for me.

This is all good unless I draw for something really good. I should find out in the next 3 weeks on the draws for NV and ID.
Tbone, did you guys get the llamas "INTO" the sheep country last year, or did you have to leave them in hospitable country while you chased/looked for sheep?

Moosie, have you ever looked at heard about or considered trying to find some pack goats for this hunt? I really think they are the ticket for such hunts, but I dont know any one who rents them. I have access to them, but I"ll be doing other things that time of year (chasing elk of course).

Heed Buckspy's advice if you turn in your Colorado buck tag. You must let them keep your money. I made that mistake once and let them give me a replacement tag. Heck and I was at the DOW headquarters in Denver.. I lost 4 points over 30 fricken dollars..
Ridge Runner.. I'll leave a Forked horn Buck here for ya.. I'm onlt alowed to shoot one a Yar anyways ;)

Tbone, We've talked since the post ya made but Here is What I'm thinking..

You'll fly into Boise on Friday the 3rd I will have gone up 2 weeks Prior for a 4 dayer to Pack most of my stuff on Saddle "X". We leave straight from the Airport and sleep at the Trailhead and hike in on Sat. We hunt all weekand you fly out Sunday Evening(ish) were I drop you off at the Airport then Pick Wylee up and Leave to Colorado for the deer hunt.

NOW, If all went good I'll have sheep I need to drop off at Wild things Taxidermy, but if not the Hunt will continue as such...

We Hunt Colorado from the 13th -19th.. Also hoping to have 2 deer in the Back of the truck. Depending on what I had for the Prior hunt will dictate if I'm picky or not ;)

I get back to the Office and Answer 6000 Emails, Return 100 Phonecalls, Pretend I'm working for a day or two and Relaz and get in some Loving (At home, not the office

then it's Back up to Sheep country even if It's a Solo deal. I've had offers from Wylee, Kotter, Warren, and I could bribe a Few others if need be but Would jsut asune go Solo if the pary involved wasn't ready.. You know how that goes eh ?

I like your Plan of getting the Sheep on day 2 but we'll have to Work on a Better story .. I'd hate to make a Sheep hunt seem simple :D

When You find out about the Draws you HAve, Let me know, Then we'll worry about getting you a Plane ticket booked and plans Finalized !!!

Horn Seeker I have looked into Lammas and Goats. But I don't want to mess with anything liek that. I will rent some 2 weeks prior to get at leave a small stash of supplies back into the Mountains. We'll see how that goes....

BOMAN Buuuahhaha, You know better then me turning in a Tag. I'll work hard this Summer to take time off.. Then Work hard to fill all tags. If I get Skunked, I'll be happy with my Choice !!!! I figure you need to Live life like ya Jut stold a Car... FAST and Without CARE !!!
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