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Oct 23, 2012
SE Montana
The weather can dictate the best places to start looking for antlers. For example if there was deep snow when deer are shedding south facing slopes that have less snow may be were to look. If it was very cold deer could be using timber for thermal cover. If spring came early animals my be higher up the mountain than normal. It helps to pay attention to the weather to determine were to start the search.
In the early 90 my wife to be took a job teaching in Idaho Falls. In September we were driving around enjoying the area. The route took us between two long mountain ranges and of course I was looking for a good place of find antlers. It had snowed a small amount the night before and the scenery was spectacular. This young eastern Mt boy was a bit out of his element. All of this country how was I going to find the right place to find antlers. It all looked the same. Then I noticed two side ridges coming off of the main mountain range that didn't get any snow. I thought to myself "maybe those ridges are in a rain shadow and if they get less snow that is were the deer will winter" I went back the next week and hit the jackpot. Over the next two years I likely found 500 antlers on those two ridges and 20 were better than 80 inches. I looked in other places but no place was as good as the two side ridges. If I hadn't noticed that they didn't get any snow that first day it is unlikely I ever would have looked there.


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