Last night of the spring season


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Dec 14, 2000
Boise, Id.
Well, I hope the bear season was better for everyone else then for myself and Moosie. We checked our two bait sites the night before the close of the season and determined that neither site was worth sitting on and started the process of hauling out gear. As Moosie and I drove back discussed with this seasons baiting and wondering what we could have done differently,:( I decided to go out the last night and sit in the canyon were I had caught the bear hunting fever five years ago with Moosie. I invited the wife to go, Moosie had decided to make his wife happy and stay home for a night, and after loading up the dogs, both non-hunters but love to go, we headed out. We stopped and checked out a couple of campgrounds that were in the area for this summer and then headed to the spot I had in mind. After a quick hike up the opposite hillside for a better vantage point, we sat and waited. That was when I started wondering what the heck I was thinking, just show up on the last night of the season on a hillside you haven’t visited for several years and expect to see bear. :eek: Then it happened, after fifteen long indecisive minutes, from out of no were there was a bear on the other side. If only I had known earlier in the season that I could skip all the hard work and just sit on a hillside for an evening to see bear. We watched as he/she meandered around the opposite slop, walking from bush to bush, disappearing behind a tree, and reappearing on the other side. Although it wasn’t a big enough bear to warrant a trip to the other hillside, it was great to watch, especially since my wife had never seen a bear in the wild before. So although the season wasn’t as successful as I had hoped at least the last night was a success.:D
Cool wylee,I'll bet breezy got a kick out of that.At least you got see one. Well there is always the fall season ,right? Good luck then.
OH does this mean your wife now has the hunting bug :D :D :D
I need somemore women to get into hunting so I am not so alone in giving you guys a hard time.I think she would be up to the task. ;) ;)
Yes bear watching is a lot of fun, when it's on the other side of the hill, LOL :D
Good luck on the fall bear hunt
WELL FIGIN CONGRATS.... You weren't at the "APPLE HOLE" were ya.
Thats were I found ya the first bear we... Uhhhhh "SAW" ;) You should know were I mean. Since there are alot from Idaho I'll use "CODE" :D:D HEheh

Dang it Chris, WHy did We pack all that bait in ?~?~? MAkes ya wonder...

Dinger (Elk Turd) had a bear come in last night. the guy with him (Cortney) ended up missing... so the story goes ;) .... it was a Belly dragger they said.

MAybe this just wasn't the year BUD..... Or the Season.. Because This FALL..... We know RIGHT were to go ..RIGHT ?~?~?
It was really cool to finally see a bear out in the wild. Though I doubt I will get the fever for bear hunting. I know how much work the guys put into it. Hardly seems worth it sometimes, but I know they would disagree with me. I know how much they like getting to see the wildlife at the 'Torch' er a I mean in the great outdoors! ;) LOL
Wylee - That's awesome seeing bears, I always get my heart pounding when I see them.

I took up one of my hunting friends last night for the final evening hunt. He was shooting a .44 mag, and myself a longbow. Usually I ask him to let the bears come in so I have a chance, but since it was the last night, I said shoot away!!!! Well, about 8:00 our butts were sore from sitting, so we stood up. Not 10 seconds later, a MONSTER cinnamon came walking in. Not even a sound, I don't know how it did it. My friend did exactly what I would have done. Raised up when the bear was walking behind some brush, waited for a broadside shot, and fired!!!!


To make a long story even longer, he missed!

Got to see momma and 3 cubs feeding at the barrel. That was cool.

Hope everyone had a good spring bear hunt, I know I did and I didn't even get one!

Elk Turd
Breezy.. The torch isn't on our Way Hunting.. But Believe it or NOT... We would drive right by it while we we going hunting.... We also Would NEVER NEVER stop at the Blu MACs, Erotica, KitKAT ar any of those OTHER fine fingersteak establishments that Wylee has Lifeltime Memberships.. Errr .... Uhhhhhhh I mean that I have "heard" that are out there :D:D:D

I'm glad you were there when Wylee saw that bear. It is Ever Cooler when The Cubs are with the Moms......
Oh, sure Moosie, rub it in. It is not my fault momma and cubs were shy the Sunday morning I spent in the stand!
Sounds like I'm okayed for the Torch as long as I don't spend anymore than I usually do bear hunting, we'll have to remember that for next spring. Hunt the fingersteak establishments for the first 5 weeks and the hill sides the last week or so. Excellent, sounds like a plan. I know right were at least one is.
P.S. Make sure you get clearance from your wife Moosie. HEE HEE HEE :D
Elk Turd, to bad on the near success, I've been there several times the last couple years I'm sorry to say. There is always the fall season.
MD4M - She just wants to see the sow and cubs, I took her out a couple times, she seems to think that it's a little to smelly for her. I'll never understand why you gals like that stink pretty stuff from the store that cost big bucks, but our great smells fermented in the back of a pickup for 5-6 weeks are just too harsh for ya. LOL :D
Dont worry guys, I'm having the same kinda spring. I dont bait but I was gonna sit on a couple of buddies stand. well, thats not gonna happen now. they checked them over the weekend and a brownie came in and tore them both up. On one it almost tore the barrel in half. dang brown bears, once you get one on your station, you might as well hang it up unless your lucky.
Those are some nice stories on here. I enjoyed the read. Best of luck to all of you in the fall.
LBG, I would love to see one of them browns though.
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