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Jul 17, 2001
Benton City, WA
4th year in a row, trying specificly to hunt bear, and still have not seen one. Not even at a great distance. This opening weekend, acting on a tip, I hunted Juniper Mountain, south of Randle. I can personally guarantee that there are NO bears in that area. Loads of rip berries, Blue berries, salmon berries, huckle berries and plenty of water, cover & everything nessessary, but NO bears and NO sign anywhere. I declare that area "Bear Free".

We did however get right into a small herd of Mountain Goats, what a surprise that was. We left the truck, making our way towards an alpine meadow we spotted from accross the canyon. We, my 10 year old Daughter and I, climbed over 1000 ft to a pinacle rock broke out of the trees and face to face with 4 goats. They were as surprised to see us as we were them...they didn't bolt, but rather climbed straight up about 100ft and just stood and watched us take in the view below.

We traversed an area about 1 square mile and then took to an abandoned skidder trial that went about 1 mile along a steep, berry infested hill side, dipped through 3 substantial streams and never crossed a single track or pile of scat...truely "bear free".

I'm not sure what else I can do. I really want to try around Darrington, but can't seem to get the logistics worked out, time off and someone to go with. We're down to one family vehicle and it's gonna puke soon too. Anyone know where there's a crew cab chevy 4x4 laying around for cheap? I've got 4 kids...

Hope someone else had some luck this weekend, if so write it up...I could live vicariously through the stories...

Luck to all,

Well 45/70 I am sad that you are not seeing any bear or bear sign. But at least you are out there trying. Sorry to hear about the vehicle trouble but am no help there either.
Sounfds like you have the same luck as i do. I have tried since 1994 and I finally got one this year, off my deck. Maybe you should have a nice steak on the grill and rifle by your side. It worked for me. Sorry to hear about the vehichle situation. Can't help you there very much either.
Hey 45/70
Well I'll tell ya I hunted my arse off this past Saurday and did not see a bear.I did however see a nice 3x3 and spike blacktail, and a nice fat yellow bellied Marmont.The berries are still a few weeks out here so I think I may tru alittle lower near the rivers for bear and if that dont work I will be fishin for Pink Salmon along the Snohomish river.
45/70 I think that Benton city is around Yakima or the Tri Cities? I dont know if Darrington is that good of a place either. I hunted In Granit falls last year with a barrowed gun.... what a mistake. I had a good bear in sight and hit him in the right shoulder last year. I bought a new gun this year. Granit is a good place, lots of bear. It wasnt till the berries were on that we saw fresh scat though. Lots of old stuff everywhere. I dont know of any public roads off hand. We had a key last year from the tree company. If you would like I could give you directions. But it is a bit of a walk. maybe 4 miles to where I shot at the bear last year.
I have a secert method for seeing lots of black bears.
Shhh ! Don't tell anyone, just go deer hunting and make sure you don't have a bear tag in your pocket. Works for me, eveytime I do it I see at least one big bear. But if I have a bear tag, I won't see a one !
I know of at least 2 bears up here in the Tampico area. The catch is. they're always seen across the creek on the Res. Bumping area should be good, That's where I'm going.
I have went out once with my son. We did not see anything but heard one. Since Washington dumped the hounds and baiting. What should a hunter be looking for in the terrain and vegetation? My assumption is that hunting will be location and sniper it.

Bears could be anywhere, but I like to watch the berry patches. Or game trails that lead to water. If there are logging roads watch for dung also this will tell you if the area has been used lately.
Im heading up this weekend in yakima to look for some bears then heading up to Mt. Vernon next weekend to hunt with my cousin.

45/70, I have a 91 chevy xcab 3/4 ton, 4x4 long bed for sale, if your interested heres a link to it with pics and more descriptions of it. Price is $6500 obo. Its a nice truck. Im in yakima, pretty close to ya. It will seat 6 also.

http://www.hunting.net/classifieds/view_ad.asp?Ad_ID=6188&CatLevel=2&Cat1_ID=12&Cat2_ID=&Cat3_ID=&Cat4_ID=&FromSearch=True&SearchPage=%2Fclassifieds%2Fdefault%2Easp%3FCatLevel%3D2% 26Cat1%5FID%3D12

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Thast a pretty decent price for a 3/4ton 4X4 (atleast up here). Wish I lived closer to come and check it out.

45/70, hang with it man. bears are out there, you just gotta learn there habits. if you find a place with good sign, keep scouting it. you will figure out the best time to hunt it.
For instance, I know of a great place for blackies, unfortunately, during salmon runs there will be no bears at all. as soon as the fish stop running, you will see bears on the hillside. I still check in hopes of finding one pass through though.
Cameron, ya i made it over, we didnt do any good, got fogged out where we really wanted to go then we went to some private area with some beautiful bowls with lots of feed but we didnt see anything, there was probably a couple bears in there but the area was huge and pretty thick in the bottoms.
Not to be nosey, but where did you go? I went to an area on the back side of Mt Baker, I cant remember the name of the creek, but its east of concrete, west of marblemount.

The berries were just comming on, blacks. No blues in that area that I saw.
only a little scat, but tons of water. There are springs everywhere. You are welcome to come along if you get over here or wnat to plan a hunt.

Its all public road with gated adj. roads you can walk.
Is the area you guys went public?
The first place we went was up by Concrete, not sure of the name of the mountain and the second place I couldnt tell you were we were, I was just along to shoot a bear, It was a gated area and the guy we were with does some work up there and has a key to all the gates, so it doesnt get no pressure. It was a good area, id like to deer hunt it.
Ya that sounds like the place that my friend went too. I heard that 9 bear have been taken around Concrete. I have to work Sat. so I think that I will go up there Sun.
I finally got a truck that works! YEAH! I've got a super trip this weekend, Bouy 10 for Salmon! Got invited, for three days, ride to and from and three nights in a motel...I'm stoked!
My next Bear attempt will probably be in the Blues when it opens there. I live 45 miles from hunting if I go that way, But it might be too dry, we'll have to see what happens. I've been pouring over the Index area and have considered the Sauk river basin. Now, hearing about success around Concrete, my convictions are stregthening for a trip up that way.
By the way, I got a Dodge Cummins 6spd with 120,000 miles on it. It's in Great shape and I'm as tickled as could be. Now I've got a payment, but you only live once...

Congrats 45/70. I have been watching the news tonight, dont know if you saw anything? There is a big brush fire right now in Concrete! Hope its out by sunday. I have to work sat. Index will be good. My friend took me up there about 3 weeks ago and there are tons of berries, just not ripe yet. I like the Phenney creek, Jackman creek area because there is more water. I have heard that many bear have been taken there this year though. If you are up for coming over you are welcome to call and maybe we could meet up...Good luck
Sounds like you guys got the GAME plan going !!! Not much to add but wanted to jump in your conversation to wish all of ya the Best of luck !!!! Shoot a bear and post a picture of it, Would like to see one wearing a hunttalk.com hat

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