How many use a lure


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May 26, 2004
Northeast Texas
What kind of lures do you use and have you had good luck with it? Even tell us about the brands you have used without any luck what so ever.
James Valley Scents at www.jamesvalleycompanycom has a very good rep and line of scents regardless of what you're hunting.
I've tried their buck in rut gel with very good results. Every tree I scented(under the lower branches to avoid rainout) was rubbed and scraped within 2 days. Working with a very lopsided herd, I was impressed.
Most of my scent work goes to cover scents since I smoke at will. I use commercial acorn scent on all hunting clothing or make my own in years where the crop is easy to pick up.
If you're fortunate enough to have mature white oak around your hunting area USE IT!! Lime the drip line early in the spring just before a good oncoming storm. That will double the acorn production in the year they produce(only oaks approaching 25 yrs produce yrly). Rake out the grounds around the trees you intend to hunt as the deer will hang there longer, feed more often, and depending on the herd will tend to approach earlier in the evening. Add some turkey calling in the early bow season and watch!!
Having access to mesquite, you may want to try the smoke as a cover scent. Long lasting, non-offensive, and most deer in Texas sure know what it smells like!
Whatever you decide to try remember less is better. You do not need to draw them from across the mexican border so go easy. Expect nothing and enjoy your successes when they happen. Learn from what doesn't and send all backstraps to.....

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I never had much luck with any of them. every year i swear i wont waste the money but some "hot new product" sucks 15 bucks out of my wallet.
corn. that just about the best LURE i have found.
(just for the record baiting is legal in south carolina, please check state and local laws governing your area)
This is what I have experenced over the years. James vally , it never did any good for me. Nothing realy did. I have on acasions uses fox piss and have had deer follow the trail right to my stand.
. I used Tink's burn sticks for about 2 years untill the deer learned the scent and stoped coming into it. The last 2 years I have used Code Blue and if you have never used it, It will stop deer. I had a 2 and a half year old buck chaseing a doe in pre rut, he cought a wiff of the Code Blue and skidded to a stop, was almost like a cartoon, he stuck his nose up and turned and became very puzzled , it like he was saying Where is she ? LOL I have had other bucks walk into it also.
Burn sticks worked best when used while hunting over corn. Especialy a corn pile that you have killed a few deer at.
My best buck came in downwind of buckstuds dominant buck lure. I already had him pretty well paterened but i think that got him into the open a little earlier than normal.
I think he was nearly nocturnal at 5.5 years old.

I have had about 15% success on bucks 3.5 and older using tinks 69 or the dominant buck.
ALOT of 2.5 and younger will follow a doe in heat dragline as long as you watch your human scent in the area.