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How big can a hog get before it is not good to eat

Elliot Viker

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Jan 18, 2001
Hilsboro, ND
I have never hunted hogs, but would like to same time. My question is, how big can hogs get before the meat is not real good to eat?
Well Elliot, boars past about 150lbs. are dog food. Got to cut them up and freeze them for two weeks to kill trichnosis but I have had some big ones that the dogs wouldnt even eat. Sows are good eating even if they are 250lb. The falvor will vary some according to what they have been eating.

This past summer (August, 2000) my family and I stayed at Bass Lake for a week. What a great place! I wish I would have known about you before that date because North Fork is close to Bass Lake. We could have met! Oh well....
I disagree with the statement about a boar over 150 is dog food. I killed a 325 pounder, ground the whole thing up and added domestic pork fat. I made 2 kinds of sausage and chorizo and it tasted mighty fine. It is true that big boars are usually no good for steaks and chops but I have never had a bad batch of sausage from one of them. Not to say that it doesn't happen but it has never happened to me. If you want chops and steaks, a nice fat young sow is usually the best. In case anyone is interested, I have been hunting hogs for more than 15 years and am a licensed guide in California with my own guide service on a private 4000 acre ranch south of Hollister.

Bigtusker, maybe your nose doesn't work as well as mine and mine doesn't work very good. I find it hard to enjoy eating something that smells like someone is pissin in the skillet while its cooking. If it wasn't for the smell it doesn't taste bad but you have to eat it outside with a stiff breeze. I have tried making sausage out of them years ago but I could never find any spice that would kill the smell.

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