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HEY Supersider... (Trail camera talk)


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Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
Since the Info I'm Emailing you might help others I'm gonigto Post it here too, If you don't mind We can HAve an Open discussion....

S.S., We haven't had ANY problems with the cold and our cameras. Elevation wise we're not all that high up, maybe around the 4k mark ? If your Pictures are being taken during the day then it's something crossing the Pictures . Like the Branch that you have in Every picture you set me. Make sure ALL branches are moved and MAke sure nothing infront is moving around. We actually had 4 pictures taken with Limbs in them this last time too so I know thats what it is.

As far as the Bears hearing it and Moving out of the Camera's way before it takes a picture.... I'm calling B.S. They aren't that Spooked and even the louder cameras would be quick enough so You'd see the bear. So thats not it.

I would also UP your times to 2 pics every 15 mins or so. At 2 pictures every 5 mins in 1 hour and 25 mins you'd have all the Pictures in a 36 exposure film taken. And it's nothing for a bear to hang out for 1.5 hours. The whole goal of taking pictures is 2 fold.

1. to take a Picture of a Bear to see whats hitting it.
2. To see what times they are coming in.

If you only take 2 pics every 5 mins then you can have maybe 36 pictures of the Same bear and Not get multiple times or different bears. Just me reasoning but makes sense to me .,
I posted that last topic on trail cams and got no answer from anyone so that is why I emailed you directly.
Like I posted before this is my first year trying these things out as Moosie stated before is to find out what is hitting it and colors of bears and times. I know there are experienced people on here that have alot of knowledge about these things and I want to get some knowledge from them.
I will post the pics I sent Moosie here so others can comment also on it.
This is the first pic on my roll and if you look at the logs you can see the set up and how they are lying.

The second pic is in the middle of the roll like pic 18. I checked on the 24th on these and had 18 pics clicked off. here is that pic. You can see the logs are moved and the right end of the bait was opened up and had teeth marks from a bear in the gelled up grease.

The last pic is the last pic on the roll and I picked up the film last Thursday night and got them developed Friday. You can see branches in the pics so I am assuming it was from the wind to set off all this film. Here is that pic.

I am using Stealth Cam MC2. I now went back up and moved all limbs that will get in the way. I also put tape on the sensor the edges so whatever hits the bait will be centered on the pic. My Cam is about 12' from bait and has no other trees near it within 30' as this is up a canyon and on the bottom.
Moosie I am going back up tomorrow and will change it from the 5 minutes to the 15 minutes apart.
I think that once you move the Limbs Hanging close to the Camera in the Bottom Right of the picture it will be fine. 12' is a Good distance and should take good pictures.You want it far enough back to get the Whole bear in the Picture but not TOO far back from a Flash at night standpoint. That's what we just did and The last set of Pictures didn't work well.

One year we put it close to get good pics but got Legs and Butts of critters

Sorry about the Answers the first go around. I'm a slacker... (Sometimes ;)
Moosie just pulled another roll of film from another site. This one better have taken pics as it looked like dynomite got left there. Only thing it got 31 pics as the batteries went dead. LOL I will post them tomorrow night. This one looked like a 6" pad on this one. It hit the bait after I put out all my wife's canned goods that she said went bad. She gave me 5 gallons of peaches syrups applesauce and some others. I also put out 100 pds of meat on each site tonight and did change my setting to 15 minutes apart. Will see whats up now. The bait site I got the limb pics now has 10 pics on it. It was also hit again. Me wife and Kids grandpa are going up for the weekend to sit the 2 bait sites that are being hit.
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