Hey Gatoman,Catman,KW

Cat Hunting is Great.....the catching is what sucks :D Haven't had any new snow for over a month now and the snow we have here is hard as a rock.....kitties are walking on top and not leaving a trace.....you can drive a pick-up on alot of it :mad: Hope you guys are doing better
This has been one of the slowest and unproductive yrs I have ever had I do believe, I'm ready to move back to Oregon, Idahos got good bear hunting but there bobcat pop. sucks.
Jeez, sorry to hear you guys are having a tought year. I have only cat hunted 3 times and havent done crap either. Been spending most of my time coyote hunting. 3 inches of fresh snow today. No work tomorrow !!!!!!!!
Guiding coyote hunter with my hounds tomorrow. Should be fun anyway.
Tobey, I think those guys from down south are going to book a bear hunt with us later this week.I am supposed to call them Thursday night when guy gets back from a trip.I will try and do the second week of dog season.That would be best ,right???
This is the worst winter conditions for cat hunting in 20 years. Not a drop of moisture in 3 months, and 65 and windy today. The dust is terrible. I have caught a couple that I called in and then put the dogs after. No snow at all, pitiful!!! I did get out to colo. for a short hunt and we treed a average female lion, didnt shoot it. I gotta find a new place to hunt lion. Hope you all get some snow soon, and good luck KW
Theres a nice little house for sale right here in Grand Lake Stream :D
And lots of Bobcats and Bears :D
And you can leap our Mountains with a sigle bound LOL
I been to maine once for a rodeo, half the guys there spoke french, I thought I was in a foreign country for sure, and the local accent was enough where I had to think what they said about 3 times before I could understand what they had just said....LOL I am hoping to take a job back in OR, and leave ID for the bear hunters, not that I mind bear hunting but them bobcats are my first priority
Sorry to hear about all you guys' tough conditions. Here in the Cache area of northern Utah we've had good conditions most of the season, about every storm that came by gave us at least a couple of inches of snow. I've treed at least one feline (bobcat or lion) every weekend so far this season with the exception of one of the weekends I spent in central Utah, where conditions were as Catman described. But conditions up here that same weekend were good enough that my hunting partner treed three lions in my absence. It sounds like we've been lucky around here.

By the way Catman, good call on that 190 lbs lion on MM. Even though none of us came to your defense, privately, we were all laughing our asses off. I even downloaded a copy to show to some of my non cyber hound dog buddies so that they could have a laugh too.

I hope as soon as those damm Olympics is over we'll get some snow too :D :D I dunno.....sure seems to me like they can ensure that theres snow on the slopes. Anyway...yea I had to call B.S. on that...he was always calling B.S. on somebody in here....lol besides it would take a blind man to call that lion 190#. I'm gonna have a friend post a couple pics on there within the next couple of days...let me know what you think.....
Catman, what is MM you are talking about??? Stopped truck to take off snowmobile yesterday.Nice bobcat track 10 ft in front of truck.No Bull !! Tried my coyote dog Diamond on it.She opened a little but wouldnt take it.Shes not a cat dog but have seen her run them before.Almost drove home and got anothjer dog I know would have taken it but hunter was paying to coyote hunt anyway.Had excellent running yesterday but no killing.Hunter was great young guy.He just came back from lion hunting in Montana.He and his buddy each took a lion and a buffalo out there.He had some awesome pictures.
Tobey, Ran into Bruce H from s. berwick yesterday. He was looking for a cat track.Gave him the one I couldnt run.He walked it a ways and said it was too old.Hit a better track while walking it.His dogs ran it aways but nothing happened.He said Nelson killed several cats here this year.
Thats twice I've hunted this place this year and seen cat tracks both times.Neither time had a cat dog with me.I put the snowmachine in the bed of my Ranger and the dogs behind the seat in the xtra cab and there isnt enough room for 3 there.
George you need to build you what we call a cat box around here, its a narrow, long box that sits on top of your bed rails that runs along side your cab, that way you can get your snowmachine all the way in and still have a box for the dogs, the front of the snowmachine just goes under the box. Or else the best option I think is put a flatbed on your rig, then theres lots of different options on box styles etc and still being able to haul a snowmachine without trailering them. I have a flatbed on my ranger, I have mine set up to where I put a 4-wheeler or snowmachine crossways behind the box, it works out good. Usually I just put my pull sled behind the box and trailer my snowmachines, I usually take 2 snowmachines with me when I go anyways. Around here you can find a used 2 place tilt trailer for couple hundred bucks, might be your cheapest option.
Gatoman, some of the guys around here have that box over rail setup.Normally I only have 2 dogs with me anyway but really got screwed a couple times this year when i didnt have cat dog with me.Next year will do something different.Hard to bring a trailer here as most roads are tight and dead end.Yamaha Bravo in the bed is a nice compact unit.
We have about 2 inches of solid slush ice here right now.Really stinks.50 degrees tomorrow they say and no snow in sight. I am going to travel next weekend if things dont change here in a week.
Where is that MM site those guys above were talking about ????
Hay George
We got 2 stormes this week with 6" or more of snow each time.2 days I tried to run but by the time I found a track the sun came out and the snow sofend up and started falling from the trees and covered the track.I whent to big lake today to tend beaver trapps and see a cat go onto a Island.I ran home got Roxy and wisky whent right back (only about 30min)They could open along the shore line where the track was but 20yards into the woods the track was gone covered by fallen snow from the trees.I spent 2 hr's there walking the island with them but could knot start that cat.A sure thing ternd into Nuthing.Poul when't to Rick Ahern's camp this week and got 2 cats.He said They have killed 20 yots there with there dogs so far this year.
Must be nice to have any snow Tobey. I am stuck on 4 coyotes and a fox.Dont see it changing much in the near future either. I am heading somewhere next week to find snow.

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