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For those days in the field..


Grand poopa
Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
I'd also like to hear what people got for their time in the field. I hear people talking about 1,10,20,30 days... What did those days get ya ? did ya get skunked ? Or get what you wanted..
Well I personally got a dinky doe and a goose.(and some doves) I got skunked in fall and spring turkey.

But TurkeyEye got his first deer aslo. I spent alot of that time trying to get my family their first deer.

Oh and some of mine was spent in Texas where I got a Texas Dall.
Plus a couple days in Kentucky.

In all it might not look like much game was gotten. But I believe that I met around 20 members from here last year.
Well of the 28 days in the field I got a 5x5 elk and an antelope. I saw lots of antelope, deer and elk. The 5 pt elk was the only one I had a shot at. The deer I saw, some were pretty decent, but not comfortable with the shots offered so I did not try. I also go several grouse for dinner on the way back to camp while I was elk hunting. saw lots of bear track, but no bear and lots of wolf tracks and saw one wolf. The time I spent in the field was well worth it. On top ofthe 28 days there were lots of days in the hills looking for new areas to try. One always needs a plan B should plan A fall through.
I spent over 60 days in the field last year. I got a cow elk, a 160 class "gross" mule deer, and 117 upland birds. 65 chukar, 35 grouse, 15 quail, 1 pheasant, 1 hun.
I helped with a couple more deer and a cow elk. Ron
I forgot to add in my turkey and fishing..
I got one turkey
one deer
two elk
and more fish than even I could carry at once!!!

A few blisters, sore feet and muscles, a little cold a few times, and a lot of very good memories of being in the mountains on my own and with good friends that can never be parralleled!!!

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a lot of very good memories of being in the mountains on my own and with good friends that can never be parralleled

And that is what is is all about Russ.
I didn't hunt anything but some ducks and geese. But I did enjoy introducing three guys to my favorite spots for both. I had a ball the last month of waterfowl season.
I was 2 for 2 big game last year so yes, the days in the field were worth it. Anytime in the field is better than doing yard work or watching tube. I hope I can get in more scouting this year so that I can pick and choose my elk/deer.

~dreaming (as always)

Alot of memories, My son YoungRobinHood got his first deer with a bow. It was a 7 pointer, also a nice doe with a rifle.

My daughter Deerchik got a nice 8 pointer, a 6 pointer, and a doe.

As for me I took a small 3 pointer which had been hit by a car or something, it only had 1 horn and a hole on the other side. And 10 ducks. I also got to hunt with some new people like TurkeEye { a real good young man } Nut, Darren and got to meet vipe. All in all it was a great season, one in which I will long remember.
I got

a 5x5 elk,

a fork-horn mulie,

daily limit of sage grouse (2),

a javelina and

a wild hog.

Oh and about 50 prairie dogs and

a few rabbits.

I also killed two porcupines with a stick

and a ptarmigan with a rock. The ptarmigan was a spring chick and sure tasted good.


P.S. I also killed two mule deer with my truck. They were really expensive, costing the insurance company about $4,500. But I don't count them. Out of season.
Moosie everyday in the woods is just what I went for if I bag an animal that is just the icing on the cake for me.If I wanted an animal every year I wouldnt live in this state thats for sure