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favorite arrows???


Dec 11, 2000
whats your favorite type and brand of arrow??? and have you taken more than one animal with the same arrow?????

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Im still an Easton xx75 kind of guy. No I havent taken more than one animal with the same arrow. I have saved the arrows from each kill, but thought most had a crack bend or were broken

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I have had very good luck with the XX-78's. For some reason they seem to shoot better than the XX-75's for me. Of course, this could all be in my head. Never shot an arrow the second time. Tried Beaman carbons and could not get them to shoot very acurately.
xx 75 easton aluminum in 2315.

I actually have used the same arrow on several deer. I will replace the head and check it for any damage before I will even think about using it again.



So far 2315 XX75s, but I want to go a bit lighter and am thinkin' maybe carbon...Beman ICS Hunter 400?... Hunting caribou up here, there will be some long shots, and I'd like to shoot a bit flatter. Having only killed one big game animal (with the bow), I obviously haven't used the same arrow on more than one...unless you count rabbits and grouse.
i mainly use easton xx75 w/ultrnocks in 2314 and 2315.I have just started to experiment with carbons and have been shooting the game tracker carbon express 300, so far i like them but have not hunted with them yet.I currently have an arrow in my quiver that has three kills on it! i check them thoroughly for bends,dents and cracks clean them up put new blades in the broadhead and right back in the quiver they go! i mostly use the recycled arrows for hogs and practice ,but will not hesitate to hunt with them!

Genesis 27:3 Now therefore take, I pray thee, thy weapons, thy quiver and thy bow, and go out to the field, and take me some venison
I used acc 3-60's for 6 years. I have shot 3 animals with the same arrow. Last year I went with XX78's but don't like them as well as Acc's. I just got to figure out how to get them a little heavier. Around 520-550 grns. I don't like Gold tips and Acc's are just too expensive. How knows maybe I'll use the 78's again this year???

I shoot Gold Tip XT Hunters. Was using Beman ICS 340's, but found out I could get a better deal on the Gold Tips. I decided to try the Gold Tips and found that they shoot just as well out of my set up and are every bit as durable as the Beman 340's.

You will probably want the 340's instead of the 400's. I say this because you mentioned speed, or flatter trajectory. With the poundage you are probably shooting the 400's will not be spined heavy enough.

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The thing that sold me on the Gold Tips was that if you put them on a roller and spin them they do not wobble but do that with a Beman. It might surprise you! I used to shoot Beman's but didn't realize just how crooked they really are.