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Dec 14, 2000
Peoria, Az.
My buddy, Grimreaper, a.k.a.458WinMag, will be flying into the valley on Feb 6th. His sole purpose of the trip is to pop some yotees, and maybe a few bobcats. We plan on spending some time up in the elk area to try our luck, but I know it's gonna be bone chillin' cold, so I don't know how long we'll be there. We'll also be using an electronic call. !st off, I'm a relative newby to varmint calling, tho Gary is a seasoned veteran. My question to you is this; Where can we go, that is close to the valley, where we would have relatively good success on the critters? I've got a motorhome, so staying out won't be a problem. More than likely, we'll also be taking a 4x4 to get into the tough places. Any suggestions would really be appreciated. Thanx!!!!!!!!!! Big D

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We'll seeings you live down the street I could loan ya some tapes and give ya a hand call. I could put you in some pretty good area's. One hot spot right now is the fourlane boat ramp at lake pleasant. to bad we cant hunt there. I did some calling about 1/4 from there where it is legal. called in 2 but couldnt get a shot.