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Jan 10, 2001
Grand Lake Stream ME USA
When I went out to feed the dogs this morning Lucy did not come out of her house.when I lifted her flap she couldn't even lift her head!! Just role her eyes.I mediately brought her in and started warming her up [Hypothermia]Her body temp.was 87at 7:00 am this morning she is now walking and eating and seems to be fine and her body temp. in up to 96 Much better still got to get up to 100.5 to be normal.
Its been around 0 here for several days.They all have good bedding and extra.Feeding twice a day with hot water.The rest of them are fine.
You hound men out there keep a good look on your hounds in the cold

Your lucky Toby, hope she gets better.. An awful lot of hounds meet their end that way...It's strange how they can be just fine outside....and then all of a sudden, you find them like Lucy, or worse

Heck, 0 Isn't even that cold! Good luck with her Toby!
A buddy of mine had one freeze in the doghouse like that a few years ago.He had to wait till it thawed in the spring before he could get it out.Another buddy of mine had a dog get struck by lightning.He had one of those metal stakes drove in the ground with the dog chain attached to the stake.The lightning struck the stake,followed the chain,and fused the dog to the floor of the doghouse.That was pretty nasty.

Hunt hard and prosper.
Boy that was close Tobey !!! I sent you an email yesterday but it came back.I must have had the wrong address.How do they get hypothermia when they havent been running and are in the box? I have never had a dog do that.I have seen hounds run so hard in cold weather that they get it but never one around the house.
What is your email Tobey? I just bought a whole pack of bear dogs from a guy.Got all the equipment,trackers,shockers,boxes,3 rig dogs,etc,etc.I wanted to tell you about it.
That was close Tobey. I don't have to worry about Hypothermia down here. It is the heat during the summer. I have walked out to the pens and found them dead from heat exhaustion. Glad it turned out OK.
The vet told me she should be dead!!!!
If their temp drops below normal for very long their done Espetialy when hers got down below 90.It wasen't till this morning that her temp got back up to 100.5 and has held all day at 101.I spent 3 hrs yesterday morning massarging her in front of a heater blowing hot air,Then raped up in a electrik blanket till about 3 this morning.It was a long day and night but she and I got alot of bears and cats to get yet.I think she will be a house dog for a few days.
My Email should be up above george.
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Tobey, I was just wondering how your dog was doing? Hope she doing good.

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